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QV Aug 09 Figures show drop in Nelson Home Price

Provisional figures released by Quotable Value New Zealand (QV) show the median price in Nelson City for August 09 was behind July 09’s by just under 3%.

A median priced home in July 09 was NZD$357,000 and that dropped to NZD$347,000 in August 09.

Sales numbers were static, 53 in July 09 vs 52 in August 09.

Of interest is what they term their “Median Price to Value Ratio.”

This measures the Median House Price divided by the median rating value. In other words, the amount above CV or its Rateable Value that a property sells for. (NB – new Rateable Values for Nelson are due in Sept 09, so their is an outside chance that these chart figures next month may or may not show big differences.)

The chart above shows Stoke & Nelson City are just a bit of the boil, while Atawhai is on a bit of a roll.

Generally you can see an upward trend over a relatively short time frame. I’m sure this is courtesy of the low stock numbers (as seen in chart below from NZ Property Report August 2009) in our market that I have been talking about of late.

The chart above from the latest NZ Property Report most definitely shows the situation in the South Island of NZ. Both Nelson and Marlborough are under pressure from a lack of listings, and that would clearly influence asking prices, again partly explaining why QV’s Median Price to Value Ratio is as it is.

The other chart here, also from the same August 09 NZ Property Report, shows Nelson, at current rates, has 26 weeks of stock, below the national average of “33 weeks of stock” left. This indicates a swing in favour of the seller.

When read alongside REINZ official figures, due out towards mid month, a fuller market snapshot will be available.

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How can you use this Social Media thing

Many business users still haven’t got a handle quite yet on this social networking thing.

Just like a blog, people will only be interested in reading it / tweets so long as they see interest / value in it.

Interested parties, for example Real Estate buyers will add your email newsletter, or your tweets to their regular reads. And from about here on it starts to go awry for many.

Many Real Estate agents believe they now have permission to send anything, and most people, even buyers, can only tolerate just so many Now Sold, Need for Listings type of calls.

In many cases their carefully managed tweet stream or inbox starts to overflow with stuff they don’t want, kind of like a physical letterbox. Now that person wants to place a “no junk mail” sign on the virtual letterbox just like its physical cousin.

Business folk, I suggest you offer your readers a choice, an opt in / opt out system they can easily understand & manage without having to be a technical guru.

And for example that’s just what I am going to do here, I have set up a separate twitter feed, twitter.com/locationNelson here, that will just contain business type related info, it will contain

new listings

just solds

under contracts

and other such “hot” news.

The way I see it, is this, my main stream at www.twitter.com/nelsonian, here,  should allow you to get to know the person, their professional intentions, standards, some background, relevant topical news about the subject, how much do they know about the local market, all slanted to be of interest and information to the reader.

If, at this stage, you don’t need my eyes and ears, on the ground in Nelson so to speak, then you may want to keep track of what’s happening directly in the local market. And that’s exactly the sort of info this other “business” oriented twitter stream will contain.

Now I will probably only be logging onto it once or twice a day to update, and its only then I’ll see if you have directed any queries or replies to me. If you spot something that suggests you’d like a swifter reply, I suggest you call or txt me.

The fresh info in this stream will be coming from Summit Real Estate, who with 100 employees are undoubtedly the largest in the region.  So therefore it won’t contain the other companies new listings, realestate.co.nz does a perfectly good job of that already.

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