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A better mouse trap – from Nelson

Well actualy a Reverse-Bait Trigger Rat Trap developed in Nelson.

Only someone determined to look after & foster the environment could design a Reverse-Bait TriggerTM Rat Trap.

From Ka Mate’s own website comes this description of its founder, Nelsonian Bruce Thomas…..

Bruce retired in 2007 after a 39 year career in ecological and conservation science, with DSIR Ecology Division and Landcare Research; researching, reporting and publishing in a variety of fields such as environmental survey, herpetology, ornithology, entomology and Antarctic research. He is probably best known for his ground-breaking work with Rowley Taylor in eco-restoration of islands and the development of ground-based rat eradication techniques, particularly Breaksea Island, the first large-scale rat eradication campaign achieved.

Their experience has manifested itself in the benefits here, notable is the mention of ease of deployment by field workers, important in a country with the terrain we have.

One of the charitable projects that Ka Mate have embarked on is Nelson’s own …

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary is a community based project and its aim is to provide a mainland based “pest-free” environment into which will reside some of NZ’s unique birds and reptiles. When finished, the sanctuary will be surrounded by 14km of “pest free fencing” with the ultimate goal to have an “oasis” where members of the public can view these animals in almost their natural habitat, and the animals themselves can flourish again in safety.

Currently one of the more successful ways that NZ has found to regenerate species has been by utilizing remote offshore islands, thereby ensuring control over predators but meaning the public doesn’t get to share directly in the joy / personal  interaction with them.

Late last year the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary hosted a “Meet the Chicks” event at which 6.5% of the planets population of Kakapo chicks, an endangered species in NZ, were on display.

Around this time in conjunction Ka Mate, the sanctuary were delighted to share in the launch of the new pest control system developed by local Nelsonian Bruce Thomas.

The system uses an innovative reverse triggering system which the company has applied first to rat traps. Bruce and Pam Thomas very generously donated $5, 500 worth of traps and associated tunnels to the Sanctuary on the day, together with a donation for each trap sold. As a result the Sanctuary has over 100 Ka Mate traps in the forest right now to enhance vermin control.

So as you can see we not only love our environment but locals are constantly doing thing to improve it.

SOURCE – www.kamatetraps.com and www.brooksanctuary.org