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MyLife previews coming richer Real Estate content

Social media does seem to be getting an immense amount of coverage this year.


SANDBOX version

Googles refining of their search engine, and by mine & others experience a much faster happening, paves the way for them to speed up search into a “real-time” twitter type experience. I believe they are also doing some serious stuff that will effect SEO, witness the different number of results above?

So yes the day might come when you go to Google type in Nelson, and all the news (not just the 6-12-24hr stuff but I’m talking the 5 -10 minute type of timeframe) is there for you, and not just from the papers but many other “Twitter like” sources for example.

However in a recent blog post by the CEO of realestate.co.nz attention was drawn to one particular slide from a recently released annual survey from A C Nielsen.

This slide/graphic highlighted the increasing importance of the real estate website experience as not just a useful thing, but more importantly a “very useful” thing.

It would have been interesting to see a chart depicting how some of these survey respondents got to their goal in property searching. Did they originate from a Newspaper site, a tourist site for the town, a Real Estate Portal or did they come via Facebook or Twitter link?

What’s around the corner to enhance this experience even more?

Here’s some things I’d love to see incorporated in portals in this part of the world.

Walkscore or variants becoming more commonplace.

Sharing or searching a desired location based on its access……………

………………or public transport availability/options.

Onscreen calculations of personal transit costs from the nominated home to a desired location, say your place of employment.

One click off the main screen direct iphone / pda type application downloads.

I’ll admit that population, as in the USA, does most definitely assist with the generation and storing of such data, like education for example. Clear and all on one screen, just how I like it, none of these screens above were more than 1 click off the main search result screen.

Well it is here now, but only in the states, check it out yourself here.

With this sort of rich info streaming down the line to internet browsers is it any wonder Newspapers have something to worry about?

And do they?

Well at our lunchtime BNI meeting today, the question was asked by one of the members who just spent $1000 on a full page add. From 24 business people there, only 4 put their hands up (me included) to say they get the paper, and unfortunately not one could remember his add.

In slightly related news our local Newspaper delivery lass called up when she delivered Saturdays paper, and yes it would appear that the local paper is doing what it can to save money. They have informed her, and I suspect 9 other paper runners that they will soon be made redundant as the paper will be allocating all 10 runs to one person. I signed her petition to ensure she stays delivery runner locally, but its sad to see it coming to this in a provincial town, simply it looks like the days of a youngster earning their pocket money this way are going.

Article source link via Sellsius blog

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