The Chinese Drywall Situation

If you are a kiwi you would have to have been living offshore if you answered “huh” to the following question…………………………

“Leaky Homes, what do you mean?”

Its quite interesting that in relevant news, stateside , states like Florida are having a growing issue/problem with their own “leaky homes” equivalent.


In their case its all to do with something called drywall, specifically Chinese drywall (in case this is news to you, check out Googles take on it, images here). Translating here, and I stand to be corrected, the kiwi equivalent would be Gib.

Anyway, in certain states time seems to have caught up with them and they now seem to be paying the price for the “cheaper is best” mentality that was so prevalent some years back. As in “Made somewhere else” and therefore not in the good ole USA.

In related news it’s also interesting, and perhaps quite timely to note that there is a bit of a hoopla in OZ at present over the fact that, courtesy of govt encouragement/rebate/etc, companies like Bradfords (aka “Batts”) are under the spotlight because they can’t keep up/supply the demand. After the Florida episode mentioned above, questions are being asked about the importation of “batts” from China.

Now that was certainly something I hadn’t thought of, iPhones, computers, electric blankets, pots & pans, YES, …………………………………but home insulation?

Seeing there’s been a bit of local press lately,  particularly of insulation installation co’s profiteering from current government subsidies, it would be interesting to know………in NZ if this is, …………or could be, a developing issue?

Are we, or companies like Bradfords supplying our countries demand locally with 100% local product?

Or, is their a situation developing? Would your local supplier in good faith even know the country of origin?

The way I think, if we were to import, then that doesn’t feel quite right with this “create local jobs” type of environment the politicians are trying to encourage and frankly, are advocating they are doing. Come on Senior Sainsbury have a look at this! (sorry no overseas junket required….oooohh well maybe I shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions here)

Is that new roof insulation you just forked out for from overseas?

It is noted that in Australia’s case Bradfords & other’s are at pains to point out that the product they are importing comes from are ratified/sanctioned suppliers, and is up to the same standards as locally produced stuff. Still what does that do for local jobs.

Am I right to talk about this, or am I like a newspaper being an alarmist when there is no need?

Tell me readers!

Related News for US readers – How to Know If Your House Contains FES2 Toxic Chinese Drywall

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0 thoughts on “The Chinese Drywall Situation

  1. avatarRussell

    Given the drywall issue I would be very worried about using any item in the construction of a house that was sourced from China. They have no morals over there – just look at the melamine in baby milk powder scandal as an example and who knows what’s really in that Chinese sourced peanut butter? It certainly tastes nothing like to old fashioned product of 10 years ago.

  2. avatarDavid Leggott

    Russell. on the money & that’s the whole reason for the post, I just hope that this situation re supply won’t show itself in NZ in a non-positive way.