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Get the Real Estate photo – anytime of day

Sony has just announced some more new cameras.

The two that pip my interest are the TX1 and WX1.

But the most important thing they have is an accessory, officially in SONY talk it’s the IPT-DS1 Party-shot personal photographer.

The what?

Let’s just refer to it as the “Partyshot.”

From here on in Real Estate photography is going to get easier and easier, actually rather I should rephrase that, with the sort of technologies that are being previewed, it’s going to get easier than its ever been to get that great shot.

Ok, so how does it work? Well when loaded up with 2 AA batteries this little docking station will provide up to 11hrs shooting time, and …. well,…. look I’ll let them tell you….

Relax and enjoy the party while the IPT-DS1 Party-shot personal photographer automatically takes your photos for you. Party-shot works with your TX1 or WX1 Cyber-shot® camera’s Face Detection and Smile Shutter™ technologies to automatically take photos at the event. Intelligent composition uses the rule of thirds to compose great shots and motion detection seeks out movement to take the photo at the right moment.

Ok so SONY are pushing it for a party trick….

but think about the Real Estate possibilities.

Using the “Rule of Thirds“, in-camera?

For that emotive Outside Shot……

It could be mounted, obviously taking into consideration security issues first, somewhere like for example a tree that shows a good angle of the house, and set & forget. Come back at 5pm and download the shots to see what really was the best time of day for the most attractive light/shade combination.

For that perfectly lit inside shot……

Or, mount in a kitchen or other corner room that gets different angles from the sun during the daily traverse of the sun. Again pop back at 5pm to select which photo best summed up the “feeling” of that room. The dock also has a video out port on it so could also be relevant for budget aerial photography. (perhaps with the addition of a small monitor / netbook / etc)

I’m looking for the manual to confirm specs it would appear it’s too new to find it here.

Oh and by the way the WX1 will also take 10 full size images in a second.

Another neat feature may assist photographers of rural or lifestyle properties, “Sweep Panorama” mode.

(Youtube demo here of Sweep Panorama, on HX1 but same principle)

This is where you press and the shutter and just pan the camera to take in a panorama of the farm, view, beach, property. It has an equivalent 24mm lens so just what the doctor ordered, and it shoots movies in 720HD/30fps, again perfect for web representation.

This would be really handy if you were looking at including a moving object in the shot, cows on the farm, boat going by on the river, kids in the paddock, just lots of possibilities.

And if this isn’t enough it’s starting to look like the stepping stones of HDR photography are being included in such small cameras. (Fuji have done so this year too)

Its ability for low light photos could also add an element to those RE twilight shots taken in the “magic hour” around dusk.

The cameras will be available in the US in September.

I’m not a betting man, but if you asked me if there a camera worth waiting for that would be ideal for Real Estate, and portable enough to be with you all the time, then I’d have to think one of these couldn’t find a better spot than under your tree on 25th Dec.

If you have patience, heres a google translated link to a jp site with, according to them, sample full size images. Just noticed another claim on the jp site, it reads “On board the world’s first digital camera, backside-illuminated CMOS machine. “

I was just having a discussion last night with a good friend who also loves photography and we were talking about Point & Shoot DSC’s – along the lines of where could they possibly go from here?

And then I read about this today…………..Wow, Point & Shoot really is progressing.

Its Sony now, but I’m sure the others can’t be too far behind. Xmas this year might just be time for some upgrades.

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Unemployment data – effect on Home Prices?

Statistics NZ released the latest National quarterly unemployment updated figures this past week.

It shows increases across all regions since the March 2009 quarter.

I’ve mentioned before that my view of the two most important fundamentals effecting home prices locally are Employment / Unemployment and Immigration.

Looking at the data,  Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough/West Coast has along with 3 other regions managed to maintain just a 0.1% increase, and those other similar regions are the main ones, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, interesting?

Do I suppose that in our region more people are working less hours to retain a position, are many more taking unpaid leave, or even job sharing? There are a lot of unknowns, but at the same time our area is not alone with this situation, so I can only suspect that for numerous other reasons other parts of NZ have suffered worse than us.

Our region, like in fact a lot of the top of the south encompassed in the figures, relies heavily on primary produce, and in our local case its the 4 “F’s”, Forestry, Fishing, Fruit & Farming. Taking that into consideration perhaps we haven’t yet seen the effect locally of the NZ dollars strength of late, and some pain might still be around the corner?

The effect on home prices?

Well readers are aware that I have pointed out before a few months back that the data confirmed Stoke, in Nelson faired this recent “housing price downturn” the best, and came out the strongest when compared to every other suburb in New Zealand.

In light of the new joint REINZ/RBNZ Housing Price Matrix coming out later this week on Friday, it wouldn’t surprise me to see renewed interest in Nelson as a spot where you do get a return on your housing investment, in some cases even in the semi-shorter term.

The establishment of this new “Stratified House Price Index” , or pricing indicies will take on even more importance as we hear that interest in Property Derivatives across the ditch has been high for a while now.

There is no doubt that better & more accurate measurement systems, other than just medians, are required.

It certainly will be interesting to see the effect, especially as the detail will now drill down to the suburbs level. Once its published expect to see lots of reporting, and the usual Sunday Paper’s picking out the “Best and Worst suburbs in NZ to live” sort of stuff.

Come to think of it, might not be such good news for property investors, but give it 6 months or a year and it should be back to normal headlines again.

Wondering out loud if this will encourage some suburbs while similarly discouraging investment in others, especially when viewed from an investors point of view? In other words certain suburbs could really have the spotlight aimed at them.

In finishing I guess you may be wondering that the above unemployment data is just the last two quarters, but David, what about over the whole last year.

Well I’m glad you asked that because here is the chart. And just in case you haven’t got your glasses on, I thought I’d draw an arrow so that you can see where our region places compared to national.

DATA – Statistics NZ August 2009, link to their main site here.

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