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OZ site showcases Web 2.0+ advantages to Real Estate

Across the ditch, mappedrealestate.com.au is interesting because of the way it goes about its business, in a very specific “geo/visual (regular readers will know where I stand on this) mapping” type way. A “dashboard**” look to their main screens doesn’t look so bad either.

There is no doubt that visual (compare iPhone to the first HTC unit?) is the way to go. Even though I loved the ease of the original Nokia’s in their simpleness (& ease of operation) one has to move with the times.

Whats that I hear you ask, what have I learnt from the way they have presented their data?

Well Mum & Dad retired to QLD to join brother’s & sister’s they already had over there (like me we were all originally born in NZ)

Interestingly, it turns out that in the suburb where Mum now lives, Calamvale,  out of 10973 residents, approx. 5% are Kiwi’s.

Think about that, if you knew this in advance, considering the average direct mail campaign has a return of 1%, should you target your flyer or direct mail piece specifically to NZers in this suburb. I would be of the belief that your uptake from interested parties, on a readership point of view, could be better than average. Could discussing the All Blacks at Bledisloe time get a Kiwi readers attention? The sort of info that’s available on the site you’d have to say it would have value to a marketer.

And the sort of data they have is quite comprehensive too.

Analysing the data, your flyers could target renters Vs owners Vs “staying with parents” via a specific geographic suburb.  Or, studying the below graphic, perhaps an advantage could be gaining in responses if you were to include languages other than English on the flyer. The fact that their “mini-dashboard” shows “Country of Birth” is something that is definitely not lost on true marketers.

David, this is across the ditch, so why are you telling me about this?

After looking at the above screen-shot, savvy web users will note the intriguing point that the “parking entity” is a Pty Ltd co.

Someone out there scanning every potential website name so that as soon as it is registered with the domain registrar in OZ….is “parking it up” on the basis that they will one day park a profit, or could the OZ site have plans?

**  “dashboard” I firmly believe the way forward – they encapsulate a way of info that interested parties can glance at once, all on the “same page”. Me – well I am one that has to see everything in the one screen….I don’t like scrolling one page left or one page down, I’ll reduce my excel spreadsheet so that I can visualize all elements at the one time, and most importantly on the one screen.

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