Seniors – are you ready for the High Life?

Want to be near the beach, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

PHOTO – Sunday Mail -News Corp Australia

As regular readers here are well aware, we are a region that has not been blessed with unlimited geographic bounds. Spatially wise that is really our only issue because we win “hands down” just about any other one.

Ok….long story short…….the Gold Coast of Oz attracts more than its fair share of boomer retiree’s (think South Beach for our cousins a bit north latitudinally inclined.) In fact I think its about 16k overall new residents each calendar year from memory, and the last time Iooked at the data, a third were retirees.

And so…..the rise and rise of retirement villages, many planned, concepted or already constructed…boomers rejoice!

Down on the southern part of the Gold Coast comes this new (well to QLD at least) concept. Instead of the perfectly laid out, single story, proximity perfect retirement (over 55’s) location habitats, these folk thought vertical.

Courtesy of comes this developers point of view….

Michael Matusik, of Matusik Property Insights, told a conference the Gold Coast was poised to follow the US with ‘vertical’ retirement villages now all the rage as retirees seek security, views and resort-style living in a CBD near medical centres and shopping.

What say you had a whole lot of people (with no dependents) who actually liked the idea of living independently “right on the beach.” Would they pay for it?

Well $14million in sales in a couple of weeks would tend to indicate they got their thoughts right.

Here’s the place.

The bottom stories accommodate car-parking, and other services related to “aged care”, then the apartments are above that.

And you know what, although I am struggling to pull it up on Bing or Google, Takapuna are about to try it soon…….well certainly in a proposed sort of way.

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