Not all Ping Pong Poms unhappy with NZ

Just finished reading a great article in the “Your Weekend” Magazine supplement in today’s Saturday Press.

Its surprised me as I have dealt with two lots of English migrants in the last 12 months who have been living here in NZ before, then decided it wasn’t working and went back to the UK, only to reconsider, and make the trip back out to NZ.

Then back in April 09, I had a visit from some past English vendors of mine, who had moved out here, then sold up a few years back and went back home again.

Why were they here and visiting me at our office? Turns out they too are making plans to come back to Nelson , either later this year or early next.

So it was with interest when I saw this on the cover of the Press supplement….

It seems there is quite some controversy out there about the image projected to English (& perhaps others) in regards to our lifestyle, quality of life and living costs, etc.

There seems to be plenty who thought we didn’t live up to the “promised land” they thought they were coming to.

And after leaving a message here (well it looks pretty timely if you ask me) the reporter found to her dismay, and I might add mine that there is actually a website devoted to the topic called Expat Exposed.

The article attempts to add balance by mentioning Steve Cantlon, Immigration NZ’s group manager service delivery, as stating that 60% of Britain’s permanent residency seekers place their applications here in person in NZ. Most he said were here already on visitor or work permits.

And one of our enduring traits, isolation from the rest of the world, turned out to be seen in a non-positive light. Apparently the fact that back in Blightly, and courtesy of companies like Easyjet & RyanAIr, you could have two overseas holidays a year, changed massively once one family settled in NZ.

With his perspective on it, Mike Bell, from immigrant information website Move2NZ,  said that “he was not a fan of the expat cliques that can develop, especially if migrants sit around whinging about what’s wrong with the country instead of supporting each other.”

According to the article he went on….

“We’ve met quite a few who have an expat mindset right from the start. They don’t seem to be quite as happy or as settled as those who see themselves as new Kiwis and who start to become New Zealanders even before they get on the plane”

In related news also today, two other articles appeared in The Press,

Immigration nightmare

Redundant migrants ‘forced out’

After reading all of this it appears that Immigration need to take a look at how they are getting their message out there. And consider what steps can be taken to ensure a cohesive front is mounted on the info dissemination about moving here, and its content. Based on what the article says, especially it would seem on the subjects of wages, house prices and general cost of living.

From my experience it has been family reasons that have been the catalyst for the return to the Northern Hemisphere. That and also the fact that some people immigrate here to “refresh their relationship / start over again in a new country” and when it doesn’t work out, blame the country, rather than themselves.

ARTICLE SOURCE – “Your Weekend” Supplement Christchurch Press July 4th 2009

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