Just released eBook explains new NZ “Real Estate Agents Act 2008”

This ACT is now law and will be in effect by late 2009. Plain English forms just make sense.

But is there more?….well actually, yes there is.

John Bradley, whom I don’t know, was apparently the Century 21 franchisee in Paraparaumu, and worked in Real Estate with his wife Andrea, for 10 years. The rest of his story is here.

John states

As a result of his experiences, John now has a vivid understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

OK I’ll be the first too admit I haven’t read all 93 pages yet, but John has obviously put some real time & effort into this tome, and by letting all and sundry download it for free, shows the type of chap he is.

You can also see, read and download the whole new 2008 ACT from his website too.

From a glance and quick read through the first two chapters it certainly appears to be informative.

I was actually testing out a new TV device at the time, and happened upon Parlimentary TV at the exact time when Clayton Cosgrove was talking the Bill through its final reading, and so was listening at that time to both sides of the debate.

For all NZ Real Estate agents who want to prepare themselves, and have ancilliary knowledge (in addition to Industry bodies notifications and seminars) of the new Real Estate Agents Act 2008, passed into assent last September,  and which becomes law in NZ later this year, it wouldn’t hurt to check this out.

And did I mention, its a free download.

One thought on “Just released eBook explains new NZ “Real Estate Agents Act 2008”

  1. avatarPhil(kpkrew)

    A timely book, well written and from the first 30 pages well researched.
    Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I have been looking out for something like this for a while but couldn’t find anything.
    Thought it would have come from REINZ but I suppose they were busy with other things.

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