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Ex-Pat Brits rate NZ No. 1

Under the heading………..

New Zealand is best destination for expats, says poll. Britons who emigrate to New Zealand are the happiest expatriates, according to a new report.

According to an article in the Telegraph, the survey, conducted by NatWest was comprised of over 2000 ex-pats Britons living in 12 countries.

The papers quote Dave Isley, NatWest International personal banking honcho, whose company conducted the survey,  as saying…

“This is particularly true for expats in New Zealand who not only say they benefit from low property prices, a favourable taxation system and a healthy lifestyle but also the beauty of New Zealand’s natural environment.”

Crucially in the survey was the following revelation, and the Telegraphs reports it as so

Of all the expatriates surveyed, 86 per cent believed their lives were better than before they emigrated and 92 per cent said they were happier, despite the global recession.

And in terms of their own personal wealth? The Tele again…..(and the NZ Herald too)

Six out of ten left Britain with less than £5,000 in savings. But almost half now claim to be worth between £250,000 and £500,000.

Tis very Interesting. because as I have mentioned many times before the two big variables for our local market will be employment & immigration. And there is definitely a local connection because regular readers will be aware the town of Brightwater about 15 minutes south of Nelson is home to the largest percentage of recent UK immigrants in the whole country. Last Census put it at approx. 10% of the local population.

According to an article published on Thursday by the NZ Herald, there are 200,000 British-born Kiwis.

Then again, regular readers here will remember this isn’t the first time NZ has come out on top of recent surveys. Heres the full article.

And while I’m at it, but for the realities of website existence, you may also recall that I have attempted to inform people about our paradise before, and on one such previous occassion with expatforum, I was met with interesting results – read here if you are curious about what I mean?

At the beginning of June Nelson, NZ was also in the news having just placed 3rd in the World as highlighted on my banner at the top.

One surprising sidenote is that on this map, apparently they don’t even visit here for a holiday?