Apollo III cleared for takeoff – Lifestylers can now rejoice!

With a CO2 count so low…….well that’s another story, and I assure you, worthy of another future post.

Meanwhile buried within our local paper, the Nelson Mail yesterday, in one of those mini cm’s x mini col’s bits on the left hand side page no. 6 was the following article……

(disappointingly this is all I could find on the Stuff site after conducting an “apparently” Google based internal website search – why do you guys always make it so hard to find this info? Does the fact that this news is now over 24hrs old mean it’s not worth indexing, please tell?)

Thought of by many a Kiwi as an symbol of Kiwi inventiveness, and established way back before I was born, Kiwi icon Lockwood’s specialty and focus since 1951 has been in building houses from one of NZ’s most readily available sources, wood.

Their brand of wooden homes utilize a patented system where each of the homes walls are latched, rather than nailed, together.

Whilst not exactly unaided by a bit of geographical space with which to plant their originating, and sustainable source product here in Middle Earth, Lockwood are prepared to look to the future, as this latest news about their new $2m “Apollo Mark 3” machine demonstrates.

Lockwood have eagerly been looking at how to capitalize on Kiwi’s love of housing investment, to envision ways for themselves to go forward into the next decade. Export Markets love Lockwood too.

What have they found that makes this post newsworthy?

For over 2 years now, Lockwood have been on a journey to discover a cost effective, best quality practice wise, efficient method for automated manufactured pre-cut wood.

And now they have achieved what they set out to do.

Surely, courtesy of Discovery/Living Channel, you like me are aware of that German precision that almost made Kevin McLeod blush. They arrived, they saw, they did, they went……!

And there it was. If you recall the English buyers inspected their pre- manufactured home in the German factory and you were with them as they walked through the factory and examined practically all the constructed parts of their home laid out in racks with their names on it.

In fact from memory…I think they even had a pre-home build group arrive and do all preliminaries – all to a similar strict timetable.

Our region is also about lifestyle, and many lifestylers that I have met are also very keen on sustainable methods of housing construction, so things like this really do matter.

Just as an example in the last 24mths, I have shown 3 different European cash buyers (and I’m talking above “median house price” buyers here ) whose number one mandate was that the land the overall property/home was based on, had to be at least 70m above sea level before they would be bothered to look.

Nelson’s three main industries are Fruit, Fish and Forestry so it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see we regionally are particularly interested in this development. Ultimately, whether it be Lockwood or another brand the importance of local sourced timber being constructed into locally built homes is far too important in these times to not take notice of.

Against some controversy the NSW State Government is said to soon implement a new policy of buy locally, such that it almost amounts to a ban on certain “Made in China” products.

Its always important that our constant “buy cheaper is always good” thought patterns can have quite serious local ramifications.

Locally Nelsonians I believe, embrace this “local is good” senitment better than some, and no better example of this is our Saturday morning town market. Visit it if you are ever in town on Saturday morning.

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