Daily Archives: June 15, 2009

Fasten your Seatbelts

That was then….back in July 2005.

And now in June 2009.

June 14th 2009 marks the date of the final handover delivery flight into Nelson for the last of Air Nelson’s 23 Bombardier Q300’s.

As New Zealand’s 2008 Airport of the Year we were the fourth busiest airport in the whole of Middle Earth, but it looks like another town is now claiming that title? ( With the loss of the airline Origin, and Hamiltons increase with International flights, maybe the crown has shifted? )

In my inbox in the last few days, I was lucky to be one of many Non AKD-WLG-CHC residing Kiwis to have salt rubbed into….

The main trunk AKD-WLG-CHC-DUD provides any incoming competitor with an easy “go to” for marketing. Meanwhile, out in the provinces…….

In recent years Origin Pacific set up in competition to Air New Zealand, from a base in Nelson.

They had a great plan, but also a very big and serious competitor to deal with? History has shown us that Origin Pacific just could not get the numbers to stack up, and they are no longer with us.

In tonights Nelson Mail there was an article detailing the last delivery, and while talking about an all up figure of approx. $500m for the total package, John Hambleton, Air Nelson’s GM, said …

“…the growth of the fleet has been helped by the number of people wanting to live in the Nelson region for lifestyle reasons but work elsewhere.”

A well known local secret for a many years now.

Suggest a re-route of eastern Australian states traffic routes away from captial cities and yes, places like Coffs and Newcastle spring to mind, and then there’s Coolangatta, or Avalon. They really do have options available that frankly, equivalently, well, we just don’t have.

According to recent comments in the press, Pacific Blue whose parent Virgin Blue utilise E190’s in Australia, has been in talks with at least three regional airports. And they flew one such aircraft into NZ in May for a “test” flight situation.

After hunting around it would seem that we in Nelson don’t have anything to worry about soon re the noise of jets because as the chart shows our runway is simply not long enough at 1347m. Its fine for the 1178m that the mtow of the Q300 demands, but shy about 115m of that required for the E190.

Just means a few more years of appreciating our pristine environment.