BS – does it have to mean Blog Spam?

Aka “when is too much – too much?”


I thank Greig from Hamilton for bringing this up, as at least it allows me to see that others are in the same vein of thought as me…..the benefits of this medium. Anyway Greig touched a nerve today with his post re blogs or spam-blogs.

When I reached puberty one of my parents, can’t remember now if it was Mum or Dad said to me,

“just remember in life, the line between love and hate is a very thin line.”

With testosterone flowing uncontrollably through my adolescent being I took/heard what they said, but I think it promptly went out the other side of my head just as quick, maybe that’s a Kiwi thing, no….. probably more of a 13 year male sort of thing I think.

Anyway a couple of years later, and now meant to be displaying a more mature attitude, their words rung true when that so called line was broken. The offence to my mind was trivial, but to the other person involved most definitely the opposite.

Perhaps I was learning what “transparency” meant?

Kiwis are generally a pretty easy going people, witness this, and these high rating pictured scores

and others like this…..

and in case you aren’t yet convinced…

and at the same time…..

……and then….ok I sense photo overload happening. If you’re not a Kiwi, after reading this lot then I’m sure you’ll be thinking “Colour me impressed?”  But you know what I think?

As a Kiwi I believe our line is even thinner, because we tolerate so much, much that has brought us already up to the boundary “line”, the “brink” as we say…even to the extent that we have nearly crossed over the line once or twice already and thought better of it at the moment.

In other words it takes a lot to faze us, but once bitten twice shy. We will rarely go back to where that offence happened, and more importantly we won’t forget.


And that brings me to the Internet. Many of those that are using it all the time, have grown up with it because it’s the only thing they have known that tells them, in their younger Gen Y or whatever perception, the full story for the last 10-15 years.

One thing that stands out today is SPAM. No one likes it, at least that’s what I think.  So in the “givers, gain” (I happen to be a member of BNI whose theme this is) it is surprising that many who start up a blog basically emulate an advertising billboard.

One of the reasons why social media/networking sites like Facebook, My Space and Twitter have succeeded is that mostly they are internally/self governed, not by authority type figures, but by the users. For certain more chronologically challenged (read non PC literates) this seems to have got lost in the translation.

What to me is particularly interesting and even more noticeable is that many of these “newbies to blogging” here on this ‘Voices” blog platform provided by for as a use for Real Estate Professionals in NZ don’t get it.

No, I’m not talking about those that have gone on to post regular comments, seeing that it adds to their own local credibility. The usual suspects will know who they are, and obviously are seeing benefits.

What I’m talking about is anyone, and I’m sure this would applies equally in the US and UK and other Real Estate blog “platforms” providers, is the plethora of new bloggers (“newbies”) that post one or two initial posts that are nothing more than an advertising billboard or a summary of their listings.

Then a day goes by, 2…3…4 days, then a week, then a month, nothing……what gives guys?

I applaud the powers that be of this website for allowing RE Professionals here in NZ to “give back” to the community, establish a brand/name/credibility, call it whatever you will. But to use it as just another advertising medium…….give up (Ooopps sorry, some of you already have) ……some of the people you think you are trying to attract they only check their emails once a week, and view a TradeMe auction one in a month or 2…and that’s only because their grandson said to. More typically they read the newspaper and listen to the radio on a more semi-regular basis.

The others, read younger ones or PC literates (actually I’ve used that term twice now, and it doesn’t sound right….should read “web savvy”) ones ….well……they don’t need you to tell them. Why – “just ask them?” – they already know. By telling them something they already know you are alienating them.

In fact, just this past week, a perfect example of how to do it right appeared, right here on “Voices.” Check out the detail in Steve Koerbers breakdown of information on his listings. Just great.

What more “rich” info could you want? Well actually you have everything you need to know, and if you like, then the only major step left is a visit to confirm what Steve’s been sayin’.

Comparison/analogy required to Steve’s brilliant aggregation effort here?

Well, even though I’m pushing the “half-ton” now,  for all my computer, photography, hi-fi / general high end electronic equipment I will conduct 95% of my research on the net, yes even at “real NZ broadband speed.” After that when I enter a retail store I do not want to be sold his “deal of the week” because that’s the one with the most profit in it/commission to the salesperson.

Whats this…those astute observers who like the former maths champion writing this will atest…these actually aren’t bad figures at all for membership numbers 🙂 and in this year of all.

This is what really happens when………….

If you really need to get ideas, it’s not hard just visit and see where many hundreds of our US Realtor cousins beat us hands down. I seem to be a bit of a novelty currently as I’m the only off-shore agent on there (pretending to be domiciled in Hawaii as its the closest) , but the admins have told me they are working on overall international access soon.

The agents participating here understand the medium, perhaps its the advantage of the faster reasonably priced access speed they’ve enjoyed for some years already, or just the overall ubiquity of the net in the states, but anyway they are passing out tips/hints/advice by the truckload every day.

This is exactly what should be happening here, with a local flavor.

To these Yanks, what is the point of what they are doing? Perhaps you should study the next graphic.

Spot a trend here?

Wow I think I’ll get off my bike now, but folk in the RE Profession you do have here a fantastically, here’s that word again, “transparent” and visible medium to really show the buyers and sellers out there that when they finally bump into you in person they will know that you aren’t one of those other persons that when you meet them for the first time, you can see the “$$$ signs in their eyes.”

And guys, if you don’t know what I am talking about, ask a lady on this.

You want to exchange ideas with kindred souls, build credibility and have it publicly viewable in a “trans….” well you know the word, way…….then this is where you do it. End of story.


–>> Aimed at this ‘sadmin folk, is this site a record for hits?

Let me rephrase that… this a record for a genuine real estate offering….not just a “tractor for sale c/w free 1/2 acre land” type of deal. At as a consequence of repeating myself …I wonder out loud how much photography has to do with this listings astounding click thru? Or to the admins knowledge, is there some other international www sites “traffic generation” contributing to this?

2 thoughts on “BS – does it have to mean Blog Spam?

  1. avatarAlistair Helm

    Simply put David – you get it!

    Those that get it will succeed and be the future of this industry, those that don’t will survive.

    Is business and life about surviving or succeeding – I know what I prefer!

  2. avatarGreig Metcalfe

    David your breath of knowledge continues to astound me how about catching a grab a seat to Hamilton one day and dong a little seminar on the subject – ill even fork out for the flight chips and beer.

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