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Will she do $1,000,000 from Real Estate over 12mths?

Following the methods outlined the bestselling author Gary Keller’s book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”, a Realtor (US speak for a Real Estate Agent) is looking to achieve an audacious goal.  By using his methods and following the plan Sarah Bandy hopes to generate one million dollars of revenue in a 52-week time span.

A particularly interesting component in this quest is her take on taking advantage of Web 2.0 methods.

From her web site….

Each week viewers will be able to tune in at www.SarahBandy.com to learn her methods, celebrate her successes, and follow every step of the way on her daring and exciting new journey.

Sarah has said she will be incorporating and using “Web 2.0” methods, encompassing Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to promote her show and help to accomplish her goal.

SOURCE www.sellius.com

How much was that house you just passed?

As some of you readers are aware I am quite a fan of developing technology and apps in the “location awareness” field.

Check out this video which typifies what we should soon start seeing, once obviously adapted to local conditions, using real time GPS co-ords to pinpoint a users whereabouts while you are walking or driving through an area.

How easy could this application/phone combo be to use?

How about looking at this exact application running on an iphone through the eyes of a 4year old.

I can imagine quite a few scenerios where this combo would be very insightful and useful.

With the Palm Pre presently being advertised as on the Worlds First 4th Generation Wireless Network run by Sprint in the States, Australia going full bore with Telstras “Next-G”, and locally Telecom about to roll out

their new high speed network, applications such as this iPhone one will definitely provide information overload to users. (Even the original Pre might not be around for long if this TechCrunch article becomes reality)

SOURCE – www.textually.org

And you think you’ve got problems?

Just sliced $50 million off the asking price of your home?

No I didn’t think so either.

Thats the sum that has been slashed off Leona Helmsleys estate property in Greenwich.

Originally listed on the market for USD$125m, and after a drop to USD$95m last October, is it now available for the bargain price of USD$75m.

But at least Trouble is ok, don’t forget he got USD$12m in Leona Helmsleys will.

In slightly related older news, this price drop follows on from The Donalds slight price reduction on his old Palm Beach, Florida mansion where against an asking price of USD$125m he got USD$95m from a Russian billionaire. (On Forbes Billionaire list, the new owner, Ryolovev is #59 with estimated worth of USD$12billion)

IMAGE 1 –NewsTimes.com 21-04-09

IMAGE 2 – New York Times 23-04-09

IMAGE 3 – www.forbes.com