Daily Archives: April 25, 2009

Definitely a Sign of the Times

A sign of for the times I mentioned a while back when I wrote here about maturing technology, QR Codes is getting closer to mainstream in this part of the globe especially if yesterdays Real Estate section in The Courier Mail (snapshot sent to me) is anything to go by. Its been practically of mainstream in places like the states for a few years or so now. (click on above photo for higher resolution image)

If you look closer in the bottom right hand corner of the above advertisement you’ll notice the QR Code.

Only need to take a photo of it with your mobile phone camera, and then through associated software it will allow you to link automatically to the relevant site. Saves having to find a pad & pen when you find an interesting site. Maybe we will soon see them on For Sale signs like in the USA.

Or another example here…….

Can’t help but think it would be fantastic for competitions in newspapers too. (click on above photo for higher resolution image)

imagine if you will

a QR code to snap with your cell phone

OR….remember this


or on supermarket shelves so buyers could check everything about the product (too much info to fit on the bottle or packaging.)