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New Zealanders – do we know how lucky we are?

Well just in case you had forgotten, remember that feeling you had from your Air New Zealand window seat, as you glimpsed your first sight again of the NZ coastline on a return flight after an extended time away.

That’s the feeling I’m talking about, however I suppose being born here and traveling around everything looks kinda normal to us as its all we’ve been used to.

Its really only once you travel overseas that you have a standard from which to base your thoughts and feelings on.

For the last 4 years an index of many worldwide countries has been published annually by FutureBrand. The results pictured above have been from the 2007 survey.

Those from here on down are from the 2008 study.

It is complied from the results taken as such….

Almost 2,700 respondents from nine countries including the US, UK, China, Australia, Japan, Brazil, UAE, Germany and Russia participated in a travel survey. Participants were screened to include frequent international travelers (who travel internationally more than once a year) between the ages of 21 and 65, with a balanced split between men and women. Business and leisure travelers were both included.

Not relying just on this, they say

FutureBrand has developed a three-tiered evaluation system for ranking country brands. This Index incorporates global quantitative research, expert opinions, and references relevant statistics that link brand equity to assets, growth and expansion. The result is a unique evaluation system that provides the basis of our rankings.

You’ll notice re the Natural Beauty category we have won two years running.

Interestingly the survey takes into account a brands positioning, as in a persons expectation before they arrive at their destination, and further……also that persons thoughts and feelings in comparison, after they leave.

If you were to download the survey (through a confirmation email exchange system) you can read the whole methodology of the survey/study.

Although published and released back in November 2008 it makes for interesting reading for those who did not see it.

And although we don’t score number 1 or 2 on everyone of the 30 odd sectors surveyed……

… it is apparent to see that on some of the “lifestyle” issues we fared pretty well.

And for many we are on the rise over the 2007-2008 period too, something that might not be lost on future immigrants.

The one that stunned me was the last one, that puts us up there in some pretty illustrious company I’d say.

And frankly if you’re an Australian who hasn’t visited us yet, get in quick to take advantage of Air New Zealands “BIG SHOUT” that enables you to buy just a trans tasman airfare and get a free domestic flight, so you could fly Sydney to Christchurch, then free up to Nelson to check out the local real estate, then a free trip back to Wellington before another trans tasman flight back home.

Most of us know how lucky we are here in Aotearoa, but it doesn’t help sometimes to get an outside opinion either.

SOURCE – www.countrybrandindex.com