Daily Archives: April 21, 2009

Good News in New Act for NZ Emigration Seekers

I’ve had many experiences locally of buyers from other parts of the world whom have visited resettlement experts in their home country with a view to moving to NZ, well the Nelson region specifically.

The amount of money that is spent with these advisors in many cases does not appear to bear resemblance to the  work required, or in quite a few cases has come with little concrete evidence of progress, or in some cases little guarantee.

So it is with a positive breath of fresh air we see some addressing of the issue from government.

Here’s what they say…

From 4 May 2009, the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 requires that anyone who provides immigration advice in New Zealand must have a licence from the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless they are exempt from the requirement to hold a licence. From 4 May 2009, Immigration New Zealand will refuse to accept applications from unlicensed onshore advisers. From 4 May 2010, offshore advisers giving advice to people seeking visas or permits will also have to be licensed.

Bit late for some though, the worst story I’ve been told personally was involving a $14,000 sum spent in blimey, then once here in NZ, the advisor then asking for some more thousands to expedite the granting of a residency.

In the end that buyer ended up working with a local lawyer/solicitor who was much more cognizant of the ramifications locally. They were successful in the end (although nearly got tripped up by OIO) by using the local Nelson person, but it was a drain on them, both mentally and in dollars spent with nothing to really show for it.

So as well as Kiwi based advisors the ACT attempts to also tidy up the situation with off-shore based advisors, as in…

From 4 May 2009, Immigration New Zealand will refuse to accept applications from unlicensed onshore advisers. If an onshore adviser acting on behalf of an immigration client is not on the Register of licensed advisers (or not exempt), their application will be returned failed lodgement, and we will advise the Registrar of the Immigration Advisers Authority. Advisers who are awaiting a licensing decision from the Registrar are considered unlicensed.

Questions & Answers here, and go here for related forms, as many of these have been updated or changed in 2009.

Lets hope this ensures a cleaner and more transparent confidence inspiring process.