Eric, UK’s Oldest Immigrant to NZ celebrates Birthday #104

Hot on the heals of this weeks front page news of the local twin Blues brothers celebrating their 90th birthdays, comes the news that NZ’s oldest immigrant, and Britians’s oldest emigrant, Eric King-Turner whilst enjoying the Nelson Bays lifestyle, has just reached the sprightly age of 104.

Eric arrived last February in NZ, with his Kiwi born & locally brought up wife Doris, after a five week cruise from England aboard The Saga Rose cruise ship.

Not exactly unfamiliar to extended periods at sea, Mrs King-Turner said “Mr King-Turner was Surgeon Commander on the aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable during World War 2 and helped to save New Zealand soldiers.”

Before he left England Mr King-Turner told the Daily Mail…

“It’s a wonderful new adventure and I would say to anyone that if you want to do something you should do it straight away while you can. What’s important is that when I’m 105 I don’t want to be thinking I wish I had moved to the other side of the world when I was 102.”

Interestingly one of the Blue’s brothers, Wally, and Eric share a common passion, trout fishing, or in Erics case more specifically fly-fishing, but then again that’s the only real way to fish for trout anyway.

Still living at his new home of Mapua, Eric recently told the local paper, the Nelson Mail “I have had a great time since arriving. I’ll be here til I die, but I haven’t been out fishing that much lately.”

Did he have a tip?

He reportedly told the paper “the secret to a long life was animal fats, butter, sugar, salt and gin – all things we’re not supposed to have”.

Must be something about being born in April? Maybe something in the water, after all its just a few kms away where we have the Waikoropupu (also referred by locals as Pupu) Springs with the clearest water in the world.

Article Data – SeniorsWorld Chronicle and via NZPA © Fairfax New Zealand Limited 2007

PHOTO – The Dominion Post WELLINGTON New Zealand February 14, 2008