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Sometimes in life a Susan Boyle comes along….

Every now and then in life, something unexpected just comes along, and you just have to sit back and go “Wow!”

So it seems this week for many millions around the world. I’ll touch on what at first impression appears to be nothing to do with real estate later on.

First Impressions aren’t always right….it doesn’t take much to see what was going through Simon, Peirs and Amanda’s heads when this competitor came out on stage.

The fact that its had another 1.2 million views (now up to 12.9m overall) in the last 8 hours is testament to that. Plus another 6,000 comments have been added in the last 8 hrs too.

Piers – WIthout a doubt that is the biggest surprise I have had in over 3 years

Amanda – biggest wake-up call ever

Simon – always knew we were going to hear something extraordinary

This is what they are talking about.

Parallels are already being drawn with a past winner, Paul Potts.

So whats the Real Estate relevance, well when Susan Boyle came on stage the majority had already made up there minds about her based on her appearance / first impression.

Many times when “driving – by” a property to check it out, you too may pre-judge that property on its first impression. Keep this Youtube video in mind next time you are tempted to pre-judge a property just by its kerb appeal.

And for sellers, now here is a perfect example of what perceptions may race through a buyers head when they have “first impression” of your property, viewing its so called “kerb appeal.”

In fact the same analogy can be drawn in relation to photographs of your property.

The Wall St Journal have just termed it the “Susan Boyle Bubble.”

Even a web site has just popped up. This is one person we haven’t heard the last of.

And just in case you are wondering about where Twitter is in all this, according to Tweetstats, the term Susan Boyle has been top for many hours now.

By coincidence I’m also wondering if this ladies site, or this one are ready for a slight increase in hosting traffic……. 🙂

And finally just to see how viral marketing works there is the Demi Moore – Ashton Kutcher link.

But I’m a Real Estate Agent, not a Computer Geek!

So why should I bother about this “blog” thing on the Internet anyway?

In many regards technology like this is another one of those trends where we seem to follow the USA and other developed nations on.

At the beginning of year 2006 MySpace and Twitter hadn’t even started. Back to the beginning of 2007 no one had even heard of Facebook. Things are moving quite fast these days, and whether you like it or not, its happening.

Although sometimes when it comes to this field we are not just early adopters, but in the past, certain Kiwi individuals have been perceived as right up there on the world stage.

They say, like I’ve said here before, a picture ( graph / chart / photo ) can easily paint 1000 word picture. So in this case I’ll let these graphics do the talking for me. They show an unmistakable trend for the importance of an overall internet presence. How an individual breaks that down, or adds to the content already posted by their company is purely a personal thing.

At a time when there are plently of reports of still more Realtors leaving the Real Estate industry in America, ActiveRain has increased its membership from 139,251 when I posted this back in mid March 2009 to 143,417 members today. Whichever way you measure it, that’s not bad for a month.

You could say it almost reflects the recognition that the internet / online presence is now being seen by many existing agents stateside as almost mandatory to complete their market presence.


Interesting trends or patterns forming here I’d suggest.

To my way of looking at this data the increasing function of the internet in the process of Real Estate is undeniable, and appears to still be growing.

What do you think, could we in NZ be that much different and perhaps, head down a different path, follow a different trend?

INFO SOURCE – 2008 Survey of California Home Sellers – July 2008