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Kiwis Second favourite Spectator Sport

This could be true?

Direct Marketers will tell you that any campaign will typically only result in a low single digit takeup response. That’s because at any one time only a certain percentage of the addressees will see any relevance in the information/offer……but does this percentage tell the whole story just by itself? Could their also be non quantifiable benefits as well from any such campaign?

Well according to the chart (full size here) the team we wanted to watch performing all seasons recently was mortgagee.

As well as viewing the local Property Press, Property Weeklies or other specific local ones like The Summit Weekly , it would seem, according to Google, that Kiwi’s currently top the chart when it comes to “Googling” Mortgagee (chart also shows effect of the word repossession/s in the UK, and the word Foreclosure in USA and Canada) In fact as of March 09 we were still hunting for that elusive “Mortgagee” bargain. An alternative view is that speculated by the above headline, amid constant media bombardment of the housing topic, that folk searching are just “surfing” and therefore doing it just out of interest.

And as you can see while browsers from the UK and USA have gone off the boil lately, NZ has only tapered off slightly. I’m surprised that Australia & Canada are so low, perhaps there media have had other issues to focus on?

Insight & Trends are tools provided by Google that allows you to see what the world is doing / clicking on right now. Its been called a “predictor of the present“, however I see a realtime benefit for marketers in the data. The only problem is that NZ doesn’t appear in the larger category datasets, & Google gives up an error about not enough data.

Anyway have a go over Google Insights. Or Google Trends.

Is it possible that Kiwi’s want a property bargain even more than home buyers domiciled in other countries do?

An interesting aside in this issue is the sheer amount of buyers / visitors to Open Homes lately who already have a “mortgage pre-approval certificates” to a pre-determined amount. So maybe not all those people searching Google are just doing it to “waste 5 minutes at work.”  I would guess locally there would be something like 3-400 such pre-approvals.

I wonder what will happen to local home prices if they all want to buy at the same time?