Daily Archives: April 1, 2009

They say we follow the US in…

…many trends. I wonder what other Real Estate industry people think about closely we will follow many of the trends Stefan is predicting for Real Estate agents / “Realtors” in 2009 and ahead.

Certainly one of the most obvious and most talked about recently is social media.

I’m still coming to terms with this in regards to as far as how it relates locally.

Yes agreed, for time strapped buyers or interested browsers things like Twitter do offer them a snippet or “SMS” of what they want to know, and rather than trying to decipher a headline or read through half an article, “Jerry Clarkson” style, before you get to the point, you do have a better, albeit brief, “heads up” what’s in the shortened URL.

And therefore on that basis, I can see merit for out of town / out of country buyers, to keep abreast of what’s happening locally. And I also think this new media would sit ok with more Gen X / Y buyers / browsers.

Actually Twitter is how I found out about this clip in the first place – as the screenshot shows.

It’s well known we are one of the few remaining towns in NZ that have an afternoon paper, and there must be some psychology behind why that is still the case. (anyone know of any studies about this?)

I originally commented to highlight the fact that most Nelsonians don’t have to contend with a 30 minute drive / train ride / commute and there-in they have time on their hands when they get home, or before they leave.

Ok I hear “Big City” residents say “before they leave?”, well yes I mean instead of getting up at 6:30, rushing around, to be at the bus stop or train station by 7:30, in comparision some Nelsonians are probably just getting out of bed at 7:15am, don’t need to rush around, can still listen to the radio for 30 minutes, have breakfast, then drive (or bike) that long 8 minutes, if traffics bad, to work.

However I had also commented that print was favourable over radio, because of those same time constraints, hop in the car, drive 5-8 minutes and you’re at work, hardly time to listen to one or two songs, let alone any adds or news to hear. However now I’m not so sure.

Nelson More FM have been voted regional radio station of the year for many years now, and I’m wondering if the one reason why we do have successful radio stations alongside successful print media, is our lifestyle, we actually have a bit more time in each day to relax, take time out, read the paper or listen to the radio for 20 minutes. There’s also a bit more community focus, and that manifests itself in a towns citzenery wanting to be informed and kept abreast of what is happening locally. In fact for many Nelsonians what happens locally takes massive presendence over what the latest negative world headline is.

You can see Stefans whole clip on Real Estate Trends for 2009 over here at RealBlogging.

SIDENOTE – one of our own, Simon Thomas from our Motueka office is a finalist in the following category “Best Music Programme in Any Language” for this years 2009 NZ Radio Awards.