Congrats to this Photographer!

Just goes to show that “Marketing” can most emphatically make a difference. Check out the numbers of folk clicking through on this listing?

Congrats to the photographer, and if the photographer is the Real Estate Agent, then double congrats.

The vendor of this property simply couldn’t be unhappy with these shots.

Great photography, uncluttered, just simply done!

I’m not an Aucklander, so am not 100% au fait with Sandringham as a suburb, but considering the size and age of this property, I would think its quite fair to say that this property is getting a fair proportion of the clicks for the area / type of home, one agent must be very happy with the amount of interest that their auction campaign is generating. Searching on other 3 bedroom properties in the suburb for sale, shows they have no where near the hits of this one in such a corresponding short amount of time.

I’ll upload one or two to Flickr (as in a few days when the place is sold the photos won’t be available and will sort of make this post pointless, and I’ll take the risk of incurring the photographers wrath?) but just can’t believe that more property owners don’t indulge in ensuring that their home is shown to its best, undeniable in this case.

In the case of these photos its very easy for any potential buyer to feel as if they have seen 95% of the home just from these pics alone.

And in case you are wondering why so many have clicked, there is definite psychology behind the colour choices in these images. I stand to be corrected, but I suspect they actually were taken by a professional photographer, for whom the photos colour composition would probably just come naturally and he/she wouldn’t have even given it a second thought.

For anyone who would like to improve their own Real Estate photography take particular note of the greens and blues, and the combinations / angles / percentage of screen that they occupy. And then you need to master lighting, in and out, and that’s what professionals do best, believe you me, I’ve tried but if you don’t have all the expensive equipment they’ve got then you just aren’t going to get the same results they do.

I note also that this listing is shown on the front landing page of in a feature spot, so undoubtedly there has been extra exposure there too.

Some further Real Estate Photography tips published earlier,  here and here.

PHOTOS – here’s some others … 1 2 3 4 5 they are quite high resolution so may take some time to load on a slower connection….so, what do you think?

0 thoughts on “Congrats to this Photographer!

  1. avatarAlistair Helm


    You are mighty perceptive and I could not agree with you more how impressive this property is – it is one of the most impressive sets of photos I have seen and clearly this will impact buyer enquiry.

    The property as you rightly point out is featured on the home page of the website as a “featured listings” – as you are aware this premium spot offering gives vendors a 14 campaign of exclusive 3 per suburb profile plus the home page (on rotation) – all for $250 inc GST as a special promotion for the remainder of the year.

    One more disclosure – I actually know the owner of this property – he works for an advertising agency. I have had no involvement with the photos, but I will pass on your comments to him and he may comment on this blog post.

  2. avatarJohn Madden

    Hi David,

    As the owner of this property thanks for the excellent feedback. The property has had over 90 groups through the open homes in only 9 days and the response has been excellent. A combined effort of featured listing, excellent photography and great presentation has helped achieve these results so far.

    Thanks again and I’ll pass on the great feedback to the photographer.



  3. avatarPaul

    Gorgeous photos, great looking house. You’re right – blues and greens make that photo and the interior shots are fantastic too. And the house is tidy and looks great – too many photos include all the clutter. Take it out!



  4. avatarDavid Leggott

    While on that about blues & greens you’ll notice I placed a link towards the bottom of the post to enable folks to find out just what we are talking about.

  5. avatarDennis Rundle

    Thanks for the positive comments guys. These photographs were shot by Dennis Rundle and Mark Habel of for agent Lesley Hawes. You can see more photographs on ID#200632.