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Its long been known that some people react better or differently to auditory signals while others react more favouarbly to visual cues. That’s why there are plenty of discussions about Learning Styles – Visual vs. Auditory Learners, or the difference between Visual vs. Verbal Ways of Thinking, and the old favourite Written Communication vs. Visual Communication.

Nothing cuts to the core though more than photos in Real Estate adverts. Advertisements without photos just don’t do it, with a few exceptions (like the one shown here ) that almost can paint a picture for you. However given the wide spread use of the internet its a no no to advertise on the internet with out photos, but more importantly without GOOD photos.

I always advise anyone considering moving in the future that when it comes to buying a home, to cast their mind back to when they brought. Were they somewhat taken with some photos of the property, something like its street/curb appeal, backyard photo, well lit kitchen or lounge photo, aerial or elevated shot, etc. Most were put into action mode by a combination of advert heading, copy text and photos. Although some credit must be given to the copy, overall without good photography its debatable whether it would have gone any further.

If they are considering an agent to market their home, anywhere in NZ or anywhere else for that matter, then before selecting that agent, go to the net or the last property weekly and check out what photos that agent either took, had taken or justified as worthy enough to display to the world what is usually a persons most valuable financial asset. After all if you look at many agents business cards it will say Marketing Specialist or similar, so look for proof.

Ask yourself “do the photos selected to showcase that property really show it in its best gear?”

The most advantageous marketing campaign can be assisted if you consider the following tips;

Real Estate photography tips;

1] get photos of your property on the longest day and the shortest day, shortest days being winter its important to illustrate that the winter sun (which is more important than summer sun to most folk) does indeed enter the open plan lounge and “as you can see in the photo almost reaches the dining room table”

2] with winter sun being lower in the sky you can take some more flattering photos that won’t highlight those dark shadow’s under the eves, or better light up a shady yard

3] as that winter sun is lower it also makes for much better bedroom photos where you can see the sunshine entering over the bed or hitting the wardrobe

4] considering the different buyers for your property?

Some may want privacy, so therefore you need to have some photos of your home in summer with all the greenery and foliage out.

Some may like views, better to take the shots in winter with less distractions from greenery / foliage, etc

Some may like the larger gardens, get photos of the roses out in spring, or if you have a vege garden, get photos with the corn cobs there, or the tomatoes in full crop, or the orange pumpkins there, you get the picture I’m sure…..

5] high tide or low tide, important in coastal areas as high tides obviously contribute to a sea view much more attractively than low tides, but perhaps you need to check out future tide tables to see when there is going to be a high or king tide coinciding with the right time of day to show the view from your place the best. A low tide may appeal to somewhere looking for access to launch a dingy, swim across to that island or confirm what a gentle sloping safe beach / swimming area the locality provides.

(in fact for Nelson local’s the next real low tide will be around 4pm next Tuesday 10th March 09 and then just after that around 11am – noon on Thursday will be a very high tide so get those cameras ready!)

6] instead of showing what a kitchen looks like, show the outlook from the kitchen, that puts a potential owner more in the drivers seat so to speak, just like the one of the photo’s I took last year, click here to see what I mean.

7] check out images on the web for ideas…like this one for example.

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