Want to view Nelson live?

Ok not quite live, but usually only a 10 minute delay at the most during daylight hours.

Recently our office in Stoke sold a property to a couple from Sydney.

The local Nelson Mail reported;

They were at Saltwater Cafe on the Nelson waterfront on New Year’s Day, enjoying the opportunity to see for real what had been a virtual sight for so long.

Most days from their home in Sydney, they view the activities on Nelson harbour from a webcam sited at the restaurant.

“There’s a certain vibe here, but Tahunanui Beach and the Nelson people are the top reasons we want to come here,” Mrs Chambers said.

The Chambers have been back and forth a few times in recent months to look at houses.

“I cry on the plane the whole way back to Australia. It scares the cabin crew,” Mrs Chambers said.

She will be bringing her Aussie-based, New Zealand-born parents Karen and Graham Haywood to live with them in the house they have just bought in Tahunanui, having recently sold their Sydney home.

“Mum’s been there 28 years but wants to come home now.”

“I feel we’re the beginning of a new wave of returnees to New Zealand. Many want to come back,” Mrs Chambers said.

The Nelson webcam is provided by www.takeabreak.co.nz and you can check out the actual webcam here. It would appear to be mounted above the Saltwater Cafe & Bar, and this camera is generally pointing in the direction of south south west, Haulashore Island to your right, Tahuna Beach middle of picture where the land meets the sea, with a local landmark, Fifeshire Rock about centre of photo.

Takeabreak.co.nz also provide a a webcam overlooking one of New Zealand most famous & popular beaches, Kaiteriteri Beach with the camera generally oriented in a south easterly direction.

And they also provide coverage from another webcam in Bishopdale, with a view looking North towards the hospital [large multi-storey bldg centre of photo] and The Boulder Bank.

the Saltwater Cafe has closed and it looks like with it, the waterfront webcam. Its been replaced with another one though overlooking Tahunanui Beach, and it would appear that you will just be re-directed there when you click on the old Saltwater Cafe links.

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  1. avatarTakeabreak

    Hi – great article!

    We have a number of webcam around NZ, and many more to come. Also you may have seen our images used on TV3 in their 3 News Weather report.

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