Is this a sign of the year ahead?

I’ve talked before about the unique micro-climate our region enjoys, but with everyone settling back in the next few weeks for some well deserved R & R, some amongst us are not going to receive as many presents as they’ve been getting used to over the last 5 years or so, therefore I ask, …is this weather map a sign of whats ahead in year 2009?

Obviously its actually tonight’s extended range forecast for Xmas Eve from TV One.

And as much as even Jim can’t see why we, the Nelson region, keep getting so much sunshine [check out Jim’s puzzled look at how one lucky region just “happens” to have the sun 🙂 when a front arrives from Australia ], locally we already know how lucky we are.

And yes, that’s why we live here, why thousands holiday here, why hundreds of immigrants settle here, why hundreds & hundreds of active retirees settle here, etc, etc.