Bemused at the Centre of NZ

It seems fitting that I started out talking about the Nelson being the Centre of NZ here in my 1st post, and as Xmas nears and 2008 draws to an end, I find myself again writing about it.

On Saturday night, according to the Nelson Mail, 4000 people, that’s 1000 more than past years, joined in the walk to the spire in the Community Trust Lantern Spectacular, kicking off our local Nelson Summer Festival Programme.

The paper reported that they way was lit with magical art installations, like King Neptune and an Ice Queen along with her unicorns. And even the Ice Queen warmed up by handing out snowflakes to local children as they climbed past her on their way to the top.

Adding further entertainment to the youngsters, fur creatures came out of the trees.

In fact so many turned up that there was a five minute wait [ equivalent to Nelson’s worst traffic jam 🙂 ] before setting off on the trek.

This years Summer Festival continues with outdoor movies in many local parks, the Teddy Bears Picnic along with many other events, some quite major events like the Sealord Opera in the Park.