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Thinking of having a Garage Sale – Part III

WHAT TO INCLUDE IN THE ADD (and in your Sale) …continued from Part II


Do really try to get there on a portable closest or even a makeshift one, they stand a much higher chance of selling by hanging off a rack than piled in a heap on the ground. If none of this is available then at least get out all your space coat-hangers and hang the clothing from the rafters around the inside of the garage. Or if it’s a sunny day place them along the railings, fences or even trees, the ones with the stronger branches of course.

Larger items

Certainly larger items like a “student quality lounge” or “old rocking recliner” or 10 yr old colour TV” will help draw a wider audience than just old clothes and pots and pans.

If you do have any such larger type items always ensure they are moved as close to the gate as
security and safety allow. Some folks are just out for a drive and don’t yet know they are going to stop.

It’s usually only when they spot something like an old step ladder or single bed mattress that they
remember they themselves or someone they know needs one!

Electrical Items

You may want to make sure you have an extension cord handy so that folk can test an item.

You’ll need to have some pads and pens available for notes / measurements, etc. Just contact me and I can get some Pads and Pens to you.

Higher Value items / Historical type

In the case of estates, or in a situation where the persons conducting the garage sale maybe unfamiliar with the goods on sale, an Estate Garage Sale springs to mind as an example, then care needs to be taken.

There can be higher value items that you may not be aware of.

A good idea is to hold an ongoing auction on the item.

Just get the first person who is interested to place there bid along with their phone number, and write this price on a yellow sticky note, phone number on the back for privacy is a good idea.

The next person who asks about it is encouraged to place there bid too. Tell them that if you sell it, you’ll call the winner at 12pm, if no one hears from you then they weren’t the lucky buyer.

If the item generates a bit more attention than you think it warrants then your radar needs to go up. Here you have some options, don’t sell it to the highest bidder, contact an auctioneer and get it valued. Or if you don’t want to go down that path at the least place the item on Trademe and set a high reserve, and just see what happens. …Continues tomorrow…

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Targeting Home Buyers is big business…..

… and so are the flow on opportunities for advertisers. The right media mix, backed up with real time data, will be even more crucial for advertising budgets in the coming frugal corporate environment.

I was surprised to read over the weekend that one of my favourite old magazines, PC Magazine from USA is shutting its print edition and also only going online.

Although if you’re quick, there’s this nice offer here of a free trial.

Just last month, as every Kiwi bloke laments, the “world famous” in NZ Auto Trader Weekly ceased to exist in its print version format anymore.

And the Christian Science Monitor, first published in 1908 has also just announced they will close its print publication too. The Guardian reported “Circulation has fallen from a peak of 223,000 in 1970 to 52,000, while online traffic has grown to 5m page-views per month, against 4m five years ago and 1m a decade ago”

One of the big ones though, announced a few weeks back, was US News & World Report, usually rated the no. 3 business magazine in the states, behind the big guns, Time & Newsweek. Although there is some chatter than it may remain in some different foirmat and printed only monthly, for now. In commenting on the change  the magazines president and its editor said in the memo “For all of you who have worked so hard to make this transition possible, say good-bye to Web 2.0 and welcome to Journalism 5.0,” they added.

Journalism 5.0, I wonder if this is the start of a whole new numbering system for the media!

Even in non English speaking countries, we’re seeing changes. A 30 year old Spanish paper going completely digital, although it was just a buy-sell-swap issue from what I can make out translating it.

So the news just in, from Scoop, that realestate.co.nz is joining the Think Digital Media collection of sites, doesn’t surprise.

Although the article reads it’s the web joining the old guard, I see it more as the old guard courting and finally being successful with the newest of the new media. And furthermore, recognition that before long, realestate.co.nz will be the first destination local and overseas real estate buyers click on to search. So for APN to have the best offer available to advertisers I guess it was a logical next move.

Recent events, like the cessation of the allrealestate.co.nz website, and the future alliance with realestate.co.nz go to prove that even in the online world you still can’t make excuses, and have to have the right product for browsers and advertisers.

Thinking of having a Garage Sale – Part II


If you haven’t done this before don’t worry. Have a look through last Fridays paper or an older Buy – Sell – Swap and see what other folks have written. As you read them you’ll surely find one that either sounds right, or, at least makes you think, “Hmm, that sounds interesting, I might just go and have a look”.

WHAT TO INCLUDE IN THE ADD (and in your Sale)

Sit down with a blank page and list all the things you don’t need anymore, the obvious and the not so obvious, say that pile of bricks or tiles that you “were going to build into
something one day”.

……keep in mind you have only a few words in the add, but try to pick those things that would really invite the widest audience.

Things like….

broom or spade with a broken handle

lengths of timber that have sat around for years

old beer bottles (Non screw cap type), in fact you could even run a separate

free ad in Buy Sell Swap for these and target Home Brew makers

old model trains/planes/cars that are just gathering dust or buried under the bed

clothes that don’t fit anymore

shoes that don’t fit anymore (especially youngsters ones as there feet
grow so quick and other parents with children also know this)

light / bathroom fittings – when you upgraded that main light in the lounge or put the new

taps in the bathroom, and the olds ones are under the house. Get

them out, remember could be “someone else’s treasure!”

Bits & Pieces / Odds & Sods

Try to arrange these in groups or on their own table.


If you really have got some stuff that you “were going to use one day” but that day has never come around, or you are the only one who thinks it’s worth something, consider a freebie or 10c box. Place it prominently out front so it’s the first thing people see. There’s some psychology behind this, and it can help people get in the right frame of mind.

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