I.C.E. – Save a life – yours?

I.C.E. – stands for In Case of Emergency and was first promoted by the East Anglian Ambulance Trust and has achieved more awareness following those tragic events in London a few years back.

Supported by St. Johns, although not new, the concept of ICE is that it will allow ambulance crews and other personnel to quickly contact a nominated person who can be informed in the event of an incident.

The system encourages mobile phone users to save their next of kin’s details into their cellphones under the acronym ‘ICE‘, so in an emergency those first on the scene know who to call. For more than one contact name simply enter ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3 etc.

It won’t work if you;

  1. have a password on your mobile
  2. if you are traveling and the language on the phone is not widely understood in that country
  3. if there is no reception in that area
  4. you let other people borrow your phone
  5. your phone battery expires
  6. emergency crews can’t match the phone to its owner (multiple situations)

Like many things there’s got to be critics. They say that should you find yourself in a situation where you find yourself being attended to by a paramedic, that paramedic won’t have the time to look up a phone number on the mobile phone because they quite obviously have other more important things to attend to first.

Well yes, that’s patently obvious I would think, and I surely would prefer the paramedic to attend to me first. Nevertheless I still don’t think that should stop anyone from following this initiative, even though it’s a few years old now.

I’ve had ICE on my phone for over two years now, have my wife’s mob, our home number, her work number and my mother & mother-in-laws numbers stored. Right or Wrongly I’ve consciously only put people there who live locally to where I spend most of my time, in the Nelson region.

One problem that may crop up – your phone doesn’t show the callers name any more

This will be because your ICE contact number is a duplicate entry of another contact in your phone book. If you have two numbers the same, your phone might not know which one to display so it will show just the number. To get round this, simply type a * after the number under your ICE contact. It will still work and should cure the caller-ID problem.

There were some emails circulated re a virus / hoax with ICE, see status here.

Lastly some good advice from the ABC in Tasmania, take care so you never need it.

And yes it works!