Google Street View in Nelson

Passed one of the Google StreetView cars today, it was a late model black Holden Astra driving through the Main Rd between Richmond to Nelson with Google written on the side and that Camera Pole on the roof.

However the ones I saw on photos from the US showed it with a black camera ball atop the roof mounted mast, but the one I saw had a smaller almost block type object, orange in colour on it.

I was rushing to an appointment so didn’t have a chance to have a “real good look” at it.

Alistair informed us during the recent Roadshows that “Street-View” should be released in about a month or so.

I guess I’ll just have to wait another month or so to look at the photos on that part of the road to see if indeed I was snapped.

Google Camera Car in Nelson - Nov08There’s also some sites that state they show the funny side of Street-View.

Australia has already has StreetView.

UPDATE – found a photo of it with that Orange Camera on top, so maybe it was working.

18-11-08 – and still in Nelson on 18th November 2009 as the photo to the right shows.

4 thoughts on “Google Street View in Nelson

  1. avatarAlistair Helm

    That is interesting – I was believing that they had photographed NZ completely. Maybe they had to re-do some sections that were incomplete!!

    Still looks like a release in the next 2 weeks!

  2. avatarDavid Leggott

    Well I can’t guarantee the camera was working, but it didn’t have a bag over it like some of the other shots on the net show. Well, time will tell, and I can’t remember if I smiled or not?

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