NZ Ex-Pats – Part III

Main Reason for your last trip to NZAs we have witnessed this decade, after a particularly unpleasant major world event, for example 9-11 or the London bombings, individuals do question their world / values / direction in life.

End result of this for the “noughties” has been increased migration inbound to Australasia.

In these moments it’s brought home to us when we sit back in our armchair at night and reflect upon what if we were there, just happened to be in London, or just happened to be in New York. After all, it’s what Kiwis do, we get out there in the world, Kiwi’s love to travel.

Its times like these that ex-pats will reflect on “home” ** and may question themselves about what they are doing in a land on the other side of the globe from “home.”

I’ve always contended that it is an interesting conundrum in life that lots of people value the things we buy more than the things we get for free.

Surely reality is exactly the opposite.

You can always replace a new mobile phone, new TV, new car, new house …..

BUT just try to go out and buy a replacement for your 4 year old daughter or your loving partner.

Makes you think?  Well for me, it sure did the first time I heard it, and seriously.

I guess the reason why so many of us go on the big OE is to see if the world we read and hear about is just as we envision, is it a more exciting or fulfilling place than home. And once you arrive in that new environment in a new country, yes, new things that you don’t or couldn’t have or see back home become exciting indeed.

I’d say a good illustration here in NZ would be a comparison of our scenery to an English person, they marvel at the high and rugged peaks we have. Yet for me, I personally love the look of the gentle rolling grassy paddocks intersected by hedges and associated rock / stone built fences, much like the English countryside.

Well actually, we are lucky enough to almost have such a place in the South Island. Next time you drive through Waikari in the Hurunui District of Canterbury on SH7 (Karaka Rd) see if you don’t agree with me? One of the most beautiful valleys in NZ I reckon. Further proof that “opposites attract” after all.

Back on topic…. I feel the results of the Kea UK/Europe Air NZ Survey Feb 2008 (see pics published here) reflects the sentiments of ex-pat Kiwis perfectly.

Even when overseas Kiwis really are still thinking of home, and when they visit it’s for family reasons 85% of the time, according to the survey. And many times, those family reasons often end in Real Estate investment at “home.”

** Full Survey here –