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NZ Ex-Pats – Part II

Q: Which airline operates the longest scheduled route in the world?

A: Our own Air New Zealand of course.

Q: Which airline will be the first to fly the latest new Boeing, the 787-9?

A: Again, Air New Zealand.

New Zealand House - LondonWe are quite a distance from everywhere, and even though they have fallen over the years, airfares still aren’t considered bargain basement cheap. Not when you compare them to “cheap” ex UK flights to holiday destinations in Europe for example.

It’s not unheard of for a kiwi on their big “OE” to get “distracted” and instead of just visiting a place, end up staying on for an extended period because of work or perhaps the discovery of a “just the one I have been looking for” partner.

We have an advantage over most when considering Kiwis on OE’s to the UK.

The fact that a great many find a love match over there means that there’s a good chance that they may come home to “bring up the family”.

Once a young couple get married, they may plan for “the pitter patter of little feet”. Once those little ones arrive, it can sometimes take just a small change in circumstances for the grass to look greener on the other side of the world. And the realisation that Nana or Grandad are in a another country half way around the world can add pressure too.

Why did I mention earlier I think we have an advantage?

the sun never sets....The main reason I say is that for a Kiwi’s UK partner, coming to NZ is a lot like visiting another town / city back in the home country. Ok ourmountains” are a tad taller.

For someone born in the UK it’s a safer bet than moving to live in a town in some country they’ve never heard of.

We are a Commonwealth ♣ member and many Kiwi’s ancestors came from those “Mother England” shores.

It’s not to discount the fact that residents of other countries like NZ too, its just that I believe the fact that our way of live, brands we live with (although with globalization that’s debatable?) sports we love, leisure & pastime activities,  our architecture / housing is all quite familiar & similar to someone from the UK.

Yes, I admit in NZ we don’t have 250 year old farm cottages but I’m sure you get the idea.

……….Part III to follow

♣ SOURCE – Carl Walrond. ‘Kiwis overseas’, Te Ara – Encyclopedia of New Zealand, updated 9-Apr-2008

NZ ex-pats, second highest percentage in the world

The New Zealand population is approaching 4.3 million, but with about 600,000 (equivalent to 14% of the population) Kiwis overseas, we have the second-highest, behind Ireland, residing offshore.

This figure is based obviously on individual NZ ex-pats, so therefore does not account for their foreign born partners or children. This is important considering that when we refer to ex-pats we usually mean just that, single NZ born individual. When considering returning ex-pats, I believe a good percentage of them will have partners and/or family coming too.

Kiwis love affair with the OE (Overseas Experience) does have something to do with it. However that love affair is not new. Kiwis have been going on OE’s for decades.

John MulganJohn Mulgan, who wrote Man Alone, a classic NZ fiction, put it this way in his book Report on Experience ♣ (1947) of New Zealanders’ propensity for travel, and their need to return:

‘They come from the most beautiful country in the world, but it is a small country and very remote. After a while this isolation oppresses them and they go abroad. They roam the world looking not for adventure but for satisfaction. They run service cars in Iraq, goldmines in Nevada, or newspapers in Fleet Street. They are a queer, lost, eccentric, pervading people who will seldom admit to the deep desire that is in all of them to go home and live quietly in New Zealand again.’ (pp. 3-4)

I’ve often said that as a Kiwi you’ve got to go overseas to really appreciate what we’ve got at home.  As we are so familiar with travel overseas, or have family residing there, it could be said that we are looking at things from more of a global perspective than ever before.

In so saying that global perspective is not always projected correctly. Take Real Estate for example, if you read my earlier posts on foreclosures, then you will remember there are some fundamental differences to the way real estate is brought and sold, along with its associated processes, in places other than NZ.

Many ask, why then do some Kiwis seem so cynical or pessimistic when it comes to translating what happens in the UK or USA housing market to the NZ situation? Its been said that for many people “Their perception is reality to them.”

Yes there are some similarities but the fact remains that our 4 main banks are 4 of 14 AA rated banks globally that still have that AA rating, and even our own Kiwibank scores an AA minus.

...and something I left out of the above posts on foreclosure was another important fact about the US situation, I wonder how many of my NZ readers got a 3-6 month interest free grace payment period at the beginning of  your mortgage, well that’s what was happening in the States in the heat of the Sub-Prime fiasco…..

However this is another whole new discussion in itself…so I won’t digress at present…..

I want to talk more about ex-pats….  Part II to follow……

♣ Source Carl Walrond. ‘Kiwis overseas’, Te Ara – the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, updated 9-Apr-2008
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