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Can you Test Drive Nelson

Yes you can?


Remember that 2 of the most important industries in our region are the fruit and fishing industries.

It’s a well known fact that these industries require tons of extra labour at different times of the year.

Well the best way to test drive Nelson is by gaining employment in seasonal work.

A great way to discover the region and get paid for it, plus be here for summer too.

Where and when to work

According to Horticulture NZ the regions biggest demand is the following three months, as this is the apple harvest time;

  • Feb 4800 workers
  • March 6000 workers
  • April also 6000 workers

Fortunately, picknz has established a Harvest Trail. At its core the Harvest Trail “promotes opportunities and benefits associated with seasonal work to New Zealanders and international workers”. It does this by having a great website with specific sections for each relevant region, but we are looking at Nelson today.

As PickNZ say “It has enabled co-ordinators to better manage the movement of workers between regions and crops to help satisfy seasonal labour demands through better labour utilisation. The PickNZ website (www.picknz.co.nz) provides information for both job seekers and employers, highlighting where work is available and providing information on immigration, training and a range of employment issues.”Click to Register with Pick Now

By having a seasonal job you are afforded the fantastic opportunity to enjoy the Nelson region and all it has to offer over the Summer months.

Its not just fruit picking, there many other jobs as well, and plenty also on offer in the seafood industry too.

As well as being a good earner for the region, seafood and aquaculture employs more than 1,500 people in full-time and seasonal positions.

This way you really do get to Test Drive Nelson.

UPDATE MARCH 09 – another government department site here