Why all this information about Nelson and the Top of the South?

It just so happens that for one reason or as I suspect, many reasons, we are as a region a popular place for folk to move to from other parts of NZ or the world.

Our regionIn highlighting different aspects of the Nelson lifestyle / history / town /schooling – education / major local businesses & industries, etc,  I hope I am providing pertinent info for any future new residents.

In the majority of cases I find many families who move to the region usually have employment already lined up. However that often leaves a partner or another individual still searching for employment and/or business opportunities in our region. AS of this post there were 20+ Government Jobs too in the region.

Another reason why advance information is handy in our case is that at approx. 2.7%, we have as a region one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.  A recent article in our Nelson Mail attests.

For these and many other reasons I believe it’s handy to know what our major industries are, especially as the top 3 segments employ over 25% of all workers in our region.Economic Development Agencies of Nelson

Business opportunities may lie undiscovered in feeder industries, or sub vocations to these prime workplace employers.

The lifestyle in our region affords its residents more time to pursue their own opportunities too, less travel distances / less time spent traveling / less fuel costs, etc. And kiwis do just that.

New Zealand is predominantly a nation of small businesses representing 96.4 per cent of New Zealand firms. In her speech at the 2007 Small Business Expo Hon Lianne Dalziel said “the SME (Small Business) sector is indisputably vitally important to the New Zealand economy. In total the SME sector represents 350,000 business units which provided 59% of all new net employment in the economy from 2001 – 2006.”

The NZ Department of Labour produces The Regional Industry Snapshot Tool which is an interactive tool that allows you to select and view key facts about selected regions or industry in terms of the number of employees. You can download it here. The Key Information Tool (KIT) is another tool, and it gives users headline labour market information in a single, easy to access place

Another Government organisation, Career Services,  also has a great overview of the local employment situation here.

And from the Dept. of Statistics comes “Table-Builder“, their own on-line tool to assist with viewing / sorting NZ Statistics.

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  1. avatarPeter Driscoll

    Great post David, very comprehensive, all very useful and sets you up as the oracle for the top of the south – thanks