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Ok, but where’s the real ADVENTURE start…

OK after this mornings post, I’ve been accused by a few of pandering to baby boomers and having people question me by email if there is any real adventure sports to be had at all in the Nelson / Tasman region. Actually its kind of neat to hear your feedback so quick. So I thought I’d better react just as quick and decided that it was an opportune time to pass these on ….


Skydive Abel Tasman (formerly known as Skydive Nelson) is a tightknit New Zealand skydiving team that has set the standard for Tandem Skydiving and Skydive Training worldwide.

Since starting in 1991,  you’re in good hands with NZ’s most experienced skydivers Stuart Bean (15,000 jumps) and Anthony Oakly (14,000 jumps) and their friendly expert Kiwi team. There team have established a professional skydive operation, focusing on safety, dedicated expert multi-skilled staff, state-of-the-art parachuting equipment and warm and friendly customer service.

Skydive Abel Tasman offers Tandem Skydiving from 9,000ft to 13,000 for first time jumpers, Accelerated Freefall Training (AFF) for student jumpers and a very welcoming approach towards sport jumpers. SkydiveAbel Tasman also hosts the biggest annual skydive event in New Zealand – the Good Vibes Boogie, usually held in August.

For speedy and comfortable ascends to altitude, the company operates a turbine Fletcher Aircraft. Rankers liked this too – 94% rating.

Stunt Plane Flying

Pilot a stunt plane YOURSELF in the only open cockpit Pitts Special in New Zealand. Have a go at flying a Pitts Special, open cockpit Stunt plane, over the stunning Abel Tasman National Park coastline. No previous experience needed. Fly with an experienced instructor.

The operators say…”We cater to everyone from those who’ve never flown anything before, to fully qualified pilots, who just want to get their hands on a Pitts Special, and try some more “edge of the envelope” flying.”

This is more than fun! Check out this video about it on YouTube. Rankers also loved this one too, 99% rating.

Hang  Gliding

Hill launched Tandem Hang Gliding flights, Tasman Bay offers some of New Zealand’s best soaring sites with heights greater than 2,000ft (650 meters) above landing offered at Takaka Hill and Barnicote Range.

These flights offer the greatest opportunity for sustained soaring flight and maximum flying time as well as to gain tuition and development of soaring skills. Operated by Hang Gliding NZ. Flight Duration: Approximate time in the air is from 15 – 20 minutes. Soaring conditions will extend time aloft depending on time availibility and passenger comfort.

100km/hr Flying Fox

Only 15-20 minutes drive from downtown Nelson you can ride Skywire – the world’s longest flying-fox ride, soaring high above the forest at speeds up to 100km/h. Your ride lasts for 3.2km.  Check it out here at Youtube.

Para Gliding I – the closest to town adventure

I’ve actually just been watching these guys this afternoon, beautiful sunny early summer day in Nelson today, about 20-22 C but it felt just right. Cumulus Tandems operate the flights here, just behind my home.

Barnicoat is the gem in the crown of Nelson’s free flying scene. It is located 600m above Stoke with stunning views overlooking Nelson bays to the world famous Abel Tasman National Park.
The launch, a gently sloping six hectare, grass-clad hill provides us with a safe and beautiful backdrop for paragliding, hang gliding and your tandem flight.

When conditions allow, you will enter the lift and climb skyward towards the clouds and discover why birds sing. Average flights last from 20 minutes to 30 minutes. For the more adventurous, and at your request, we can increase your heart rate by adding some G’s to your flight for an unforgettable experience.

Para Gliding II

Nelson is one of the best paragliding regions in New Zealand, we’ve got 5 cross-country flying sites, excellent training hills and ideal flying conditions. Nelson Paragliding offers paragliding-training courses, from introduction days through to advanced qualifications, and tandem flights.

Students can experience both ridge soaring and thermal flying whilst training. The daily afternoon sea breeze creates a reliable training environment and optimises the airtime available to students and recreational pilots.

Nelson Paragliding offer training as a paraglider pilot or just enjoy the view in a tandem flight. Operation is 7 days a week, weather permitting. Again it’s off to Youtube for yet another sample.

And finish the day off with a bit of light entertainment. Now that should keep you busy for a couple of days.

If I ever lived in Nelson, whats to do….

…over summer. Or as a visitor investigating Nelson for a potential seachange move there one day, is there a reason I might want to pop over for a break this summer……and house hunt while I’m there?

Being blessed with great summer weather, the region takes full advantage of its presence this over time. A couple of the highlights of this coming summer, locally,  will be…

2 – 6 Jan 2009

Woollaston Jazz Fest Nelson 09 Few festivals in Nelson, and indeed New Zealand, are as popular and well supported as the annual Nelson Jazz Festival. World class musicians and over 50 events absolutely free of charge keep individuals and families entertained. It attracts over 25,000 spectators annually.

18-19 Jan 2009

Nelson Summer Kite Festival – held at Neale Park, rated one of the best urban kitefields in the world, each summer sees international, national and local entrants come to this 3 day festival. The first few days are setup and competitions related, while Sunday is the main public day for demonstration and flying.

24 Jan 2009

Sealord Opera in the Park, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and friends were here last year, this years performance will feature personable and entertaining tenor – Simon O’Neill; New Zealand’s favourite mezzo – Helen Medlyn; and the rising star of sopranos – Anna Leese.

27 Jan – 12 Feb 2009

Adam Chamber Music Festival  – from the candlelit solemnity of Bach in the Cathedral to the Kiwiana of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, there’s something for everyone. International stars and wonderful music in churches, gardens, Nelson Cathedral and the School of Music.

15th Feb 2009

Brightwater Wine & Food Festival – an annual celebration of the regions local faire and vast selection of wineries and breweries, along with added entertainment for all ages.

7 – 8 March 2009

Antique & Classic Boat Show – set on Lake Rotoiti against the backdrop of the Nelson Lakes National Park this 10th anniversary event will showcase Antique and Classic boats from around the country,  . . row boats, jet boats, sailing boats, clinkers, steam boats, powered craft of all descriptions.

There tons more happening too, see here, but these would be classified as some of the main events. The Nelson CIty Council also has a list on this page, you may need to scroll down a bit.

I can always take a lower offer…

In light of the what the data stacking (refer previous post) up is showing, I just thought it might be a convenient time to mention a couple points. Until REINZ releases the full & final official figures in a few weeks we won’t know the full picture.

One thing I can say, the strategy the media has been commenting on about in recent days, that of placing a higher price on a property to make allowances for a lower offer, will not work in today’s market.

As a seller, often times the rose coloured glasses make one forget what being a buyer is like.

A buyer will typically gives themselves a price range, lets say $300,000 – $325,000 for example.

Now if they don’t find their dream home in a month or so, all is not lost, they will be at least one further important step closer to their goal. They will have become expert at recognizing value in the $300,000 – $325,000 price range segment.

A seller then decides to place his home on the market at $339,000 by saying “I can always take a lower offer.” You can see where this is going I’m sure…..

Those above example buyers who have seen everything on the market at say, $290,000 – $340,000 will quickly make judgement about the new listings value after inspection, and based on this, react positively or negatively. Importantly in todays market those most interested in the new listings, are the cash buyers who have done an immense amount of research.

Immense amount of research, what do you mean?

For many baby boomers or like me, those chronologically challenged, unless you are used to utilizing a PC or the web to do research, you’ll be out of touch with how todays younger generations approach buying a home.

We all know how much information is available on the web, and it is this facility that most younger generations use to conduct their forward planning. By the time they show up at an open home todays generation of younger buyers will already know twice the amount of info you would have when you were looking to buy your first home in 1975 or 1985. In fact half is probably underestimating, more likely triple or quadruple the info.

Yet, its these cash buyers who will just walk away, and many time not even go to the trouble of making an offer. You only get one chance to make that first impression, don’t blow it.

The way to get the best price possible is to get as many people interested in the property when it is newly listed.

Contrary to popular belief, when the Property Press or your local Real Estate book or lift-out comes out each week, buyers aren’t scanning it to look at places to visit.

I believe they are actually scanning it to cross some off the list. Don’t make it easy for them.

Remember♣ what Kevin Costner said in Field of Dreams

Price it accurately and they will come….  I think thats what he said…or something like that.

♣actually I do know what he said because I was involved with the sales of this movie in Australia in the late 1980s for Warner Bros…….

November 2008 will go down as an interesting month….

I’ve just run a few numbers on November 2008 so far in Nelson.

And the data shows a median number of days to sell at 50, and the average number of days to sell at 88.

I’m of two minds about applying medians to average selling days, and I think the average number of days should also be considered. If it has taken much longer than the 50 days, see below, then those sellers aren’t interested in accountant type figures that don’t always reflect the whole story for Mums & Dads out there.

So far in November 22 properties took over 50 days to sell, 17 of those over 90 days, and 11 took more than 150 days to sell.

The median of the price reduction for those 22 properties was $21,500 from the listing price. Just for your info, the median for those over 90 days was $24,000, which goes to show as we all know the longer the property is on the market, the rarer becomes the opportunity to get the best price.

And just for comparison purposes, the median price reduction from list to sell, for the whole data sample of homes sold so far in November in Nelson is $10,000.

As you can see from the chart, vendors have to be very sharp on correctly pricing, so that they are in the market, not just “on the market”, if they want to sell. It’s apparent from the data (as the chart shows) that over the last 2 months there is a delta forming and anedotally, it appears its getting bigger.

Interesting Statistics NZ update just out today…

October 08 was the lowest monthly total of building consents since 1992. Statistics NZ say there were 1173 consents authorized last month, and seasonally adjusted, excluding apartments,  the figure was 7% down on September 2008’s. There were some apartments, 50, authorized but this too was low, the lowest since April 2000, apart from March 08 when a similar number were authorized.

Also released today, were the results from the latest Household Economic Survey (HES Income) and they show weekly mortgage payments rose from $256 to $328 between 2006/07 and 2007/08 (up 27.8 percent), due mainly to an increase in mortgage interest payments. Coupled with the $2 a litre petrol surprise we had, its little wonder things started to slow a bit.

They go on to say …In 2007/08, 28 percent (135,700) of New Zealand households with a mortgage paid over $500 per week in mortgage payments, up from 18 percent (86,300) in 2006/07.

The highest median weekly mortgage payments were made by those living in the Auckland region ($472); payments for the remaining regions were: $350 in Wellington, $307 in Canterbury, $262 in the Rest of the North Island region, and $242 in the Rest of the South Island region.

For households who paid rent, median weekly household expenditure on rent was $225 per week in 2007/08, up from $210 in the previous year (up 7.1 percent).

Looking at this in context, it certainly has had the desired effect that Dr Bollard wanted to achieve, and put a damper on the property market.

Where to from here?

With building consent authorizations being so low, any marked short term increase, for any reason, in immigration, returning ex-pats could definitely put pressure on certain parts of the country. And were this to happen, keeping in mind I said were, then the lag effect of new build construction evidenced by those low consent figures is something that would take 1-2 year to completely remedy.

Just my observations.

HES (Income) is a shortened version of the three-yearly full Household Economic Survey. It ran for the first time in the year ended 30 June 2008, and will run in the two years between the full HES to collect data on household and personal income, living standards, and housing costs.

SOURCE – Statistics NZ