Hope you don’t need us, but we’re there if you do…

It’s a good feeling knowing that the company you work for, actually “puts something back” locally. Our region is blessed with 3 major National Parks and plenty of remote bush.

here to help

The Summit Rescue helicopter is a valuable service which definitely benefits directly the local community.

According to the fabulous staff the most important time is that critical 1st hour. If they can reach and action an injured person within that time, then the chances are significantly increased positively for that individual’s progress.

Eurocopter AS350

Just recently, final USA approval has meant that our local Summit Rescue helicopter now has two pairs of night-vision goggles. We had a chance to look at these a while back when they first arrived in the country. Colour me impressed.

One point I found particularly interesting was that with these night vision googles the pilots can see a cigarette lighter flame or the glow from a mobile phone from many kilometres out.

They made mention at the time that anyone venturing out into the country for a hike or trail needs to take a light source with them, even if they think its only going to be a daylight trip. Even a small unit like those small LED torches is much better than nothing. Many folk who venture out during the day don’t take such an item because being daytime, they feel they won’t need it. However if they get injured or become lost then daylight can turn to night.

There is a satellite tracking system installed in the Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel rescue helicopter which allows you to track its movements on individual missions, and you see that here>>

.. so when you are buying or selling your property with Summit Real Estate, then along with Summit, you too are actually contributing valuably back into your own local community.