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Wow are we spoilt for schooling choices in the Nelson region?

Education is compulsory for all children aged between six and sixteen years. Most children are enrolled at school on their fifth birthday.

The New Zealand Education Act (1989) provides for free education in state schools administered by boards of trustees.

Home schooling is possible for those who prefer it, on the condition that a standard of education similar to that available in a registered school is provided. At 1 July 2006 there were 6,298 students involved in home schooling.

Schooling in New Zealand

The aim of early childhood education is to promote children’s learning and development. The main providers of early childhood education are:

  • Kindergartens, which operate sessional early childhood education for children between the ages of three and five.
  • Playcentres, which are collectively supervised and managed by parents for children aged up to five years.
  • Education and Care Centres, which provide sessional, all-day, or flexible hour programmes for children from birth to school age. They may be owned by private businesses, private trusts, public bodies or community trusts.

Compulsory education in New Zealand is divided into primary, intermediate and secondary schooling.

Primary schools are the first level. They cater for children from the age of five years – from entry to school – to the end of year 6 (usually age 10).

Children in years 7 and 8 (age 11 – 12) may either be in a separate intermediate school or part of a primary, secondary or composite/area school.

Secondary schools usually provide for students from year 9 (age 13) until the end of year 13 (age 17).

Adult students who return to school enter in whichever year the majority of their subjects are in.

…and after this its on to University (referred to as College in North America I believe) or similar higher learning institutions like our own local NMIT. (The largest training provider in the upper South Island of New Zealand, formerly known as Nelson Polytechnic )

Starting School

A child starting primary school for the first time between July (when the school roll is counted) and 31 December of a school year, and aged between five and six, will be classed as year 0.

Children who begin school for the first time between 1 January and before the July roll count will be classed as year 1.

Children most commonly start school when they turn five even though schooling is compulsory from age six.

Where children start school for the first time after the age of six, they are placed in the same year as other children of the same age.

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