Daily Archives: October 22, 2008

Is that a pipe, a drain, what’s that under there?

Our local council, Nelson City Council, offers a fantastic free aerial mapping service online.

Its a great way to make preliminary visual investigations, if you are trying to establish in advance any ability to add value to a property, to extend it, to add another bedroom perhaps, or to look at possible subdivision.

Copyright Nelson City COuncil

First go here, and after reading and acknowledging that you are ok with their conditions, then click through. The rest is pretty self explanatory, although the search engine can be a bit fussy with some addresses. By selecting the layers button at the top you will be presented with a large list of options / overlays.

And as you can see in the after pic, its quite clear where the drains / stormwater pipes are located. Using the scale its possible to conduct very basic measurements on the photos.

After, showing optional overlays

Unfortunately the other council in the region, the Tasman District Council does not offer a similar service online for free.