Daily Archives: October 19, 2008

Don’t let the Sun go down on me….

Curious about what direction the Sun appears and disappears, and also what time Sunrise and Sunset happens in the location you are looking in for a new home. Sunset through Sunrise

Here’s Nelson’s chart.

The website is http://www.gaisma.com/en/location/nelson.html or click here

Its not just for Nelson, or even New Zealand but would be helpful buying property in many countries.

My suggestion would be to print it out and carry it around when inspecting potential properties. This would be especially important if you are new to a country and still coming to terms with the sunrise and sunset directions / times. All you really need to know is which direction North is and line that up with the top of the chart.

Just to help, if you’re in Nelson then the main street, Trafalgar St, is just a couple of degrees off North, close enough for approximation anyway.

And a quick note for our European friends, don’t forget its a Northern facing property you want in NZ, not a southern one.

There are plenty of other charts there too, a great resource.