The Centre of New Zealand!

Nelson is the geographic centre of New Zealand, and also commonly referred to as the Sunshine Capital of New Zealand. Its a fantastic place to live, work and bring up a family.

Do people like moving here? You bet!

In March, July and again in September of 2008, The Nelson Mail has had this type of headline. In the end, I guess it comes down to the age old situation, supply & demand.

the title says it all...

And there are little pointers everywhere, things like…

1]  the highest percentage of English Immigrants in the country, approx. 10% of the Tasman region.  2] having NZ’s 4th busiest commercial airport (and thats without Jets too!) 3]  being such a popular place for retirees from other parts of the South Island 4] having the largest Motor Camp in NZ, having it regularly filled at Xmas times, and with many families returning year after year……all point to a place which continues to demonstrate that its somewhere where singles, couples and families desire, and then decide, to live.

0 thoughts on “The Centre of New Zealand!

  1. avatarDave

    You forgot about the beach, the sounds, the national park, that fish and chip shop on the harbour, I forget it’s name with the worlds best fish and chips… You could go on all day!

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