Great photos = tenant engagement

The quality of the listing can have an impact on the speed in which a property will be rented.   Properties come in all shapes and sizes but two important factors stay the same.  Photos and the description play an important role in the number of enquiries that are generated.   The objective is to attract as many eyeballs to the property as is possible.

Photos are key to prospective tenants obtaining an overall impression of the property before they make a call or send an email to view the property.  Similarly, a well worded ad giving enough information for the tenant to form a view of whether it is worth it to them to make contact with the property manager/lettings agent.  Some simple objectives include describing the property properly e.g.  detailing the number of bedrooms, a description of the living areas, kitchen, bathroom, location, proximity to public transport and whether the property has heating/insulation.

Photos should include:

  • A view of the property from the street taken on a nice day;
  • Living room / lounge/s;
  • Bedrooms;
  • Kitchen;
  • Bathroom (avoid taking a photo of the toilet – they all look pretty similar);
  • Garden / back yard if possible;
  • Lifestyle shot – if the property is close to cafes or other amenities.

Photos should be taken away from the light.  Taking a photograph into a window causes it to be dark and unattractive.  Photos should be crisp and clear (close the curtain and turn the light on for a clearer photograph).

If the ad contains the address of the property, it will be easy for prospective tenants to use our Ap (downloaded 245,000 times and NZ’s number 1 Property Ap) and find what they are looking for.

iPhone App:

Android App:

For an example of a well put together rentals ad, see our Facebook page.  There are many other great examples on our site generating good quality enquiries.



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