Agent Profiles

A great way to be noticed and share your skill sets and expertise is to complete your profile on  It can even win you and your company business.

Using phrases such as “property management specialists”, “managing property for x years”, “experts in property management”, “collectively, we have over x years of experience” are helpful for investors to start to build a rapport with you and your company.

Spend time thinking about what you, your team and your company can offer to the investor and the skills that help a person who is looking for a property manager understand how great you will be to look after their livelihood.  Ensure you run the spell check and that the commas and apostrophes are in the right place (no apostrophic crimes please!).  You can even provide links to your company’s website, Linked In page and company Facebook.

If you haven’t set up your profile, email us at and we will help set this up for you.  You will just need to do the word smithing.

We are here to support your growth and profiling is a great way to be noticed.

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