The Myths of International Marketing

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As real estate salespeople, we’re often asked “Why should we list our property with your agency?”

Every agency and salesperson has their own response to this question. Some will try to sell you their glossy marketing magazines and advertising programmes often resulting in a hefty vendor funded campaign. Some will tell you their brand presence in other national towns, particularly Auckland, gives them greater access to buyers. Others will say they can reach international audiences inaccessible to other agencies. Well, it’s all codswallop and here’s why.

The reality is, there are hundreds of marketing channels. Some costly and not effective, some not costly and not effective, some affordable and effective. Now obviously, there are few things on god’s green earth less torturous than having to spend more money than you have to and we understand that selling property can be expensive – legal fees, accounting fees etc. That’s why at REAL, all marketing is FREE and we have in-house marketing gurus who know how to do it right. Plus, there are no base fees, a competitive commission rate and no added charges. In other words, we’ve identified the marketing channels that actually work and we refuse to talk the misleading language of ‘far-reaching, international web portals’ and the like.

Let’s take a moment to look at the facts. This year alone, we are seeing 84% of website traffic from within New Zealand, 4% from Australia, 3% from UK and 2% from USA, 1% from Germany and the remaining 6% from a variety of other countries. Do you still want to waste your money on a costly ‘international campaign’ that somehow has the power to defeat the facts and the reach of a proven method? To be clear, there is no such thing as an exclusively international web portal – every website is accessible worldwide and as you can see from the facts, it is a small international portion at that.

Let’s look at some more facts. The online channels that REAL has chosen to advertise on, are BY FAR more effective than any other. We’ve been there and we’ve trialed it. This has led us to identify where we can achieve the most reach in order to develop a combination of ‘affordable and effective’ advertising in order to offer our free marketing package. After all, it’s a no-brainer to focus our funds and energy on the online channels, supported by effective offline channels, that we know work.

Since 3.4 million New Zealanders went on the internet in the past 4 weeks, it’s safe to say that online marketing is extremely important. However, it’s important to mention too, that online marketing is only successful if it results in people communicating with us offline, or in other words, face-to-face.

The very reference to meaningful interaction in person with our clients brings us to mention some practices that are at our very core. Many of you will know that at REAL, we’re a true team and we don’t say that frivolously. Our innovative approach really does break tradition. We share all listings and commissions equally amongst our cooperative team of agents, which means we’ve aligned our individual and business incentives to achieve the best result for our vendors. After all, wouldn’t you want a whole team working to sell your property rather than just one agent?

Not only that, but the combined market expertise of our team and culture of open communication is a huge asset that ultimately creates synergy and propels us forward with strength and integrity.

So how does this relate back to our marketing shake-up? Well, nobody can deny that established, strong, meaningful connections with people holds the most impact, especially in business. Hence, our vendors adopt the connections of each individual in our team along with our strong, proven, marketing methods. Don’t be fooled by the kafuffle of international marketing speak and other marketing myths.

If you’re keen to find out more, why not pop in for a coffee and a chin-wag? You know where we are.


Merry Christmas everyone and keep it REAL!

The REAL Team.


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