Pt Chevalier median house price soars!

We track all homes that are sold in the Pt Chev area and have just taken a look at the first quarter of 2012 compared with what everyone thought was the peak year of 2007:

$748,000 2012 first quarter

$608,500 2007 first quarter

An increase of $139,500 or 23% proving that 2007 was not the peak.

What is even more interesting is comparing the first quarter of 2012 with the first quarter of 2009 when we were well and truly in the midst of the global financial crisis:

$748,000 2012 first quarter

$562,500 2009 first quarter

An increase from the depths of the recession of $185,500 or 33% higher

During the worst of the recession there were many analysts and economists predicting price falls of 30% or more, however if your were brave enough to have purchased a Pt Chevalier property during 2009 you would now be sitting on a huge gain in value!



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