God Defend New Zealand

For Ross, Derek and Lawrence every sale is a team effort and on Sunday night they’ll be in the stands at Eden Park watching the AB’s put in their own team effort thrashing Australia and earning a place in the final! Of course before the game every Kiwi in the crowd will sing the national anthem – God Defend New Zealand!

Check out this awesome artwork on the wall of the shop on the corner of Pt Chevalier Rd and St Michaels Ave. We reckon it should stay on the building forever!

Very topical and featured in a show called God Defend New Zealand which screened on TV3 this evening – should be available online soon. Entertainment Journalist David Farrier goes on a quest to uncover the bizarre history of how our National Anthem came to be and ponders whether it’s still worth singing. Along the way he meets people who love it, people who hate it and people who have devoted their lives trying to change it. He also gets some of his favourite contemporary Kiwi bands to try their hand at making it sound like it belongs in 2011.

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