Selling a home during the Covid19 Lockdown

Thinking of selling during or after the lockdown?

We have a unique plan that will assist you to sell.

During the first week of Level 4 inquiries have been coming in from people wanting to buy or sell during or immediately after the lock down. So we have developed a plan for selling your home despite the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in.

The team at Professionals Pt Chevalier sold 16 homes in the first 25 days of March 2020 and two more homes in the first week of the lock down, with other sales still being negotiated remotely, at the time this post was drafted.

There are a large number of motivated cashed up buyers who sold their previous homes in Jan/Feb/Mar who urgently need to buy a replacement home and in addition we have been fielding inquiries from several Kiwi families who returned to NZ in the last 8 weeks. Many of them have been overseas for 10 or more years and want to settle back here and buy a home ASAP. There is only so long they can stay living with their family or in a short term rental!

We expect to see a mini surge of sales activity straight after the lock down ends and we have the ability to set your home up for sale now. There are 8 key factors that we have identified that will smooth the process so contact us to discuss further.

Initially we will have you send us some photos and we can do a walk through video call together so that we can prepare an appraisal based on sales that have taken place in the first quarter of 2020.  We use Zoom, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, Viber and even the new Houseparty App, whatever is easier for you.

So enquire here if you are keen to talk further.

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Strong first quarter in 2020 for Professionals Pt Chevalier team

We have just completed the Market Report data for the first quarter of 2020 in Pt Chevalier for the area north of Gt Nth Rd.

There were 29 sales in total at an average price of $1,750,138 with a total value of just over $50m of which the Professionals team sold $36.5m or 72% of the value of sales.

20 sold by Professionals
5 sold by Barfoots
2 sold by UP Realty
1 sold by Ray White
1 sold by LJ Hooker

Professionals average price in the first quarter was 20% above CV vs all our competitors combined at just 8% above CV – evidence we achieve better results. .
Fact: It could cost you thousands choosing another agency, check out our sales vs CV compared to our competition.

Fact: We are actively speaking to more buyers.

We’re a locally owned family business helping families find homes and grateful for your support.

To find out what makes us the most preferred agency with the best results contact us today.






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Pt Chevalier paddle boarders and pohutukawas

Great conditions for the SUP guys yesterday with the Oliver St boat ramp the ideal place to launch and enjoy the spectacular pohutukawa trees that have burst into colour over the last week!

The coastline from Coyle Park right up to the Meola Rd bridge is a great place to explore on a paddle board or kayak especially at high tide and it is sheltered from the south westerly winds we tend to get at this time of year.

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Best real estate agents in Pt Chevalier

Professionals Real Estate will finish 2014 easily #1 in the area north of the motorway and with just a couple of days left in November we have so far completed  $84,090,000 worth of sales which is approximately 4.5 times more value of sales than the second placed company!

This is almost double the value of sales that we have ever completed before in the area in a calendar year and we still have a month to go!

The chart below shows the performance of the various companies that operate in the area and the data is sourced from tracking all homes that are marketed in Pt Chevalier and any off market sales we are aware of.


Our unique team approach has been a key factor in securing our best ever market share in the Pt Chevalier area, but we could always do with more sales and we need homes now for what we expect will be a very busy holiday selling season. Last year we sold a home on Christmas Eve and sales continued right through the festive period with no let up in buyer enquiry and we expect this year will be similar.

So email if you are thinking of selling now or early in the New Year.

Lawrence von Sturmer, Derek von Sturmer, Jo de Beer and Ross Brader

# 1 in the Pt Chevalier real estate market and # 1 sales team for Professionals NZ





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Massive high tide in Pt Chevalier

The highest tide of the year this morning in Pt Chevalier!


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God Defend New Zealand

For Ross, Derek and Lawrence every sale is a team effort and on Sunday night they’ll be in the stands at Eden Park watching the AB’s put in their own team effort thrashing Australia and earning a place in the final! Of course before the game every Kiwi in the crowd will sing the national anthem – God Defend New Zealand!

Check out this awesome artwork on the wall of the shop on the corner of Pt Chevalier Rd and St Michaels Ave. We reckon it should stay on the building forever!

Very topical and featured in a show called God Defend New Zealand which screened on TV3 this evening – should be available online soon. Entertainment Journalist David Farrier goes on a quest to uncover the bizarre history of how our National Anthem came to be and ponders whether it’s still worth singing. Along the way he meets people who love it, people who hate it and people who have devoted their lives trying to change it. He also gets some of his favourite contemporary Kiwi bands to try their hand at making it sound like it belongs in 2011.

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Cross Lease Titles explained

When comparing Cross-lease Titles, some are very basic, while others are more complex, but perhaps convey greater rights to the owners. Where the outdoor area is shown as ‘common’ on the flats plan, all owners have equal rights to use it. That is, you could have a picnic on the lawn area outside your neighbour’s window if it is a common area.  Other areas are clearly marked ‘exclusive use’ such as for courtyards that accompany each unit, and allocated parking or garaging.

Other interesting information on cross lease titles is available in this item by Tim Jones.

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Pt Chev paddle boarding

Paddle boarding has really taken off this summer and where better to learn than the calm waters just beyond Oliver St boat ramp in Pt Chevalier with Meola Reef and Chelsea Sugar Works in the background.

The guys at in Raymond St, Pt Chevalier can hook you up with lessons and all the gear you need.

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Pt Chevalier – King tide chaos!

Amazing scenes in Pt Chevalier today at 10.53am as a massive 3.5m king tide hit at the same time as strong northeast winds. Crowds of people watched from the shoreline and I talked to several local residents who said they haven’t seen a tide like this in the 30 years they have lived in the area.

This is the apartments situated right on Pt Chevalier beach and it gives a whole new meaning to the term “waterfront real estate”:



There’s a jetty somewhere under that kayak:


Here are a couple more shots from Pt Chevalier Beach:



The North Western Motorway between Pt Chevalier and Rosebank Rd:


11.21pm tonight will see a 3.4m tide followed by another 3.5m tide on Monday morning. Locals will be hoping the wind drops or this morning’s events will be repeated.

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Ponsonby News August edition features Professionals team.

Ponsonby News has just  featured us in the latest August edition in the “From Runway to Hallway” section!

We had a great time one morning recently at the Gypsy Tea Rooms just along the road from our new office/showroom at 483 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn in the West Lynn shopping strip.

The morning started out with a haircut at Maloneys Barber Shop and then we headed across to the Gypsy to meet stylist Julie Roulston and fashion photographer Amanda Bransgrove after which we changed into some fabulous designer clothing from World, Strangely Normal, Marvel, Black Box. Unfortunately we had to hand the clothing back at the end of the shoot!

Pretty tough work this modelling but Derek says he would do it again if the money was right!

You can view a high quality online version of the Ponsonby News magazine here where we feature on pages 36 and 37 and also a radio interview with the Editor of the Ponsonby News here.


In case you were wondering we don’t usually wear $900 shoes in our day to day real estate work!

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