Pt Chevalier real estate market strong throughout the holiday season

We completed sales throughout the holiday period with two concluded within 48 hours of Christmas Day and offers received between Christmas and New Year. Now, earlier than usual for January, we start the year with a fantastic selection of hot new listings in Pt Chevalier. They can all be viewed at


Boscawen 04

10 Boscawen St

Oliver 02

5-23 Oliver St

Montrose 01

15a Montrose St





























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Professionals Real Estate #1 in Pt Chevalier 2015

Once again the Professionals team achieved the number one position in Pt Chevalier, with almost three times the value of sales in 2015, compared with the second placed company. Other achievements during 2015 included the award for Professionals NZ #1 sales team, for the third year in a row and also #1 sales team for Professionals Australasia – this was the first time we achieved this international award and we will do our best to do it again in 2016.

Of course we could always do with more homes to sell so please call us now on 098468996 or email and find out how you can benefit from our unique team selling approach. We need homes now in Pt Chevalier, Westmere, Waterview, Avondale and Mt Albert.

Click the chart below for a higher resolution image:

2015 Pt Chevalier Sales Volume

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Holiday selling season

In the last 3 years we have sold houses right up to Christmas Eve, between Christmas and New Year and January has always started off strong. 2015 is proving similar with the team at Professionals Pt Chevalier selling two homes on the 23rd of December, both receiving multiple offers. We need more homes now due to strong buyer demand in the Pt Chevalier, Westmere, Waterview and Avondale areas. Call our duty agents Derek von Sturmer 0275337357 or Lawrence von Sturmer 0272279294. See our current stock at

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Grey Lynn villa do up ready for renovation

If you are looking for a Grey Lynn villa project you couldn’t go too far wrong with this amazing villa. A good place to start would be to take it back in time to it’s original appearance, as seen in this photo from many decades ago.
106 Williamson Ave oldHere is how it looks today with it’s mint chocolate exterior and we are sure you will agree that the street appeal would be enhanced if the original appearance were recreated.
106 Williamson Ave - 1You can see the property online here and make a time to view at your convenience by calling the team on 09 3602335.


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Disclosed Reserve Auction in Pt Chevalier

We are offering a home in Pt Chevalier for auction with the $940,000 reserve price disclosed right from the commencement of marketing.

When placing a home on the market, real estate agents must provide sellers with an appraisal of the expected sale price, including a list of recent local sales, to justify their appraisal. In very rare instances where there are no comparable sales available the agents must explain this.

42 Walmer Rd 1

“The Professionals sales team provided us with a very comprehensive market appraisal. Based on their appraisal range and comparable sales in the area we were able to determine what we think is a very realistic reserve sale price that will generate plenty of interest.”
Owners of 42 Walmer Rd

Disclosing the reserve price of $940,000 has benefits that will help create greater transparency and trust for everyone involved in the auction process, which is sometimes frustrating (for buyers) and stressful (for owners). The owners know that the buyers visiting the home will have the right budget and when the house sells at the auction they have achieved a fair price. This allows them to plan any future purchase. If it sells for more than the reserve then they know they have achieved market value (ie what the buyers are prepared to pay to pay for the house).

Buyers all too often say they spend significant time & money preparing for an auction, only to find the reserve is actually set well beyond their financial ceiling.

Buyers will also avoid confusion caused by the random nature of the Council Valuations. The agents will spend their time working with buyers that can afford the home and they are aware up front that the owners are willing to accept fair market value for their home as the reserve was disclosed.

To set a reserve price early in the process, real estate agents must be experts in their local market and need to be confident that the house will attract multiple buyers at the reserve level. They also need to be able to answer any questions (or find the answers), handle any objections and solve any issues that might arise during the sale.

Using an experienced real estate agent has real advantages, trusting that they put your interests first, achieving better outcomes and a less stressful sales process are just a few of these advantages.



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Real estate career opportunity with top performing business!

Unique real estate sales opportunity…..

In 2013 and 2014 our high performance team were awarded #1 sales team in New Zealand for Professionals group. We completed 2014 with just under $100,000,000 worth of sales and should break the $100m mark for the current financial year. These incredible results have been achieved by the three salespeople that I am privileged to work with at our Pt Chevalier office – Lawrence von Sturmer, Derek von Sturmer and Jo de Beer

Now we have an amazing opportunity that will be of interest to many others in the real estate industry.

We are looking to replicate our current team success with a new team at our Grey Lynn office where we will use the same structure, payment system and strategies that have been such an incredible success at the Pt Chevalier office. We need two or three team members to join us at Grey Lynn, where you will be working with and mentored by myself and a very experienced team leader and qualified auctioneer.

This is a unique opportunity within the industry where we would fully expect to see the new team also sell in excess of $100,000,000 worth of real estate and be very well rewarded for your efforts.

Maybe you are now successful in another area of NZ where the average price is considerably lower, or working in a lower value area within the wider Auckland region – could now be the time to earn far more for your efforts by moving to the hot suburbs of the inner west area of Auckland City? Or you could already be working locally and are now over the large office environment.

You will be selling homes with a high average sale price and from modern premises located on a high profile corner on Richmond Rd – the main route that winds it’s way through Ponsonby, West Lynn and Grey Lynn.

If you are contemplating a change email or call 0274755977


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USB Flash drive for iPhone or iPad up to 128gb

Came across this amazing Myistick device today. The worlds first and only USB flash drive designed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Could be of interest to anyone in the real estate industry! See

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Central Auckland housing market suffering from serious shortage of listings

We completed December with our best ever value of sales for that month with the final transaction taking place on New Years Eve and that took us to a total value of sales just under $100,000,000 – our best year ever and an exceptional effort for our team of four!

We are now almost unemployed as we have one of the lowest stock levels ever as we enter the new year with just one existing house for sale and another that is available off the plans! So if you are looking for a bungalow in Pt Chevalier here is the only one currently available: 22 Montrose St

Pt Chevalier, Westmere, Grey Lynn, Ponsonby and Waterview have virtually no bungalows, villas or ex states available right now but on the buyer side we have a record volume of motivated cashed up buyers on the books all desperate to buy early in 2015!

Data just out from Barfoots backs up our own experience, as that also indicates they had their best December in 10 years but also finished the year with stock levels at an all time low.

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Pt Chevalier paddle boarders and pohutukawas

Great conditions for the SUP guys yesterday with the Oliver St boat ramp the ideal place to launch and enjoy the spectacular pohutukawa trees that have burst into colour over the last week!

The coastline from Coyle Park right up to the Meola Rd bridge is a great place to explore on a paddle board or kayak especially at high tide and it is sheltered from the south westerly winds we tend to get at this time of year.

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Christmas property sale frenzy underway in Auckland!

We have just had our best ever run of sales in the week prior to Christmas including a sale on Monday, two yesterday and two more offers being negotiated today – yes on Christmas Eve! Last year we finalised a sale at 4.45pm on Christmas Eve, sold homes between Christmas and New Year and in the first 6 weeks of 2014 we sold $22,000,000 worth of homes. January 2015  could be the same if we can encourage more people to list their homes for sale!

There has been a massive surge of interest from buyers in the last two weeks leading into Christmas. We have also noted a large number of emails from Kiwis who will be arriving back from overseas during December and January and are keen to purchase a property when they get here. We currently have more cashed up motivated buyers registered with us than at any point in the last 18 years since we opened our original office in Ponsonby.

Running up to Christmas we had plenty of listings but it looks like all but two of them will be sold today!

If you want to take advantage of the shortage of homes, the abundance of buyers and sell your home in January please call our holiday duty agents now – Lawrence von Sturmer on 027 2279294 or Derek von Sturmer on 027 5337357

We need homes everywhere from Ponsonby to Pt Chevalier including Grey Lynn and Westmere and we also have a large number of buyers looking for properties in Mt Albert, Waterview, Avondale and Te Atatu.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, all the best for the New Year and be careful on the roads!

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