Dominate your marketplace with a featured listing

This is a tough market with as likely-as-not, a lot of very demanding vendors and a scarcity of buyers. What you need is help to sell those listings – what you need is a competitive advantage to get more prospective buyers to see your listings and really consider buying that property – we are here to help you.
We have featured listings – as we have said in the past these high profile adverts drive over 10 times the traffic as compared to a standard listing. But you may not know that they also enable you to completely dominate the local suburb search. Look at this example to see how this works.

This property was listed at the start of September with a 4 week campaign leading up to the auction on the 1st October.

For the 2 weeks in the middle of the month the property was bought as a featured listing on this website by the agent. The result was an enormous spike in visitors the listing! – during the month of September total viewings amounted to over 4,400 with 4,250 of those viewings during the period of the promotion, on one day total views exceeded 900 – so in this situation featured listing drove traffic not 10 times – but over 28 times!
Not only that but during the weeks when this property was advertised as a featured listing it completely dominated the suburb viewings. At that time there were 18 properties in the same price range in the same suburb. In each of the 2 weeks of the featured listing campaign on the website this property had over 70% of all the viewings of that suburb for that price range! – 7 out of every 10 people looking at Cashmere Hills property with a budget of between $700k and $1.3m looked at this listing.

So – you may well ask – what happened at the auction last week – did it sell?

Well it did not sell. But the fact is is a marketing tool – it does not sell properties – that requires your skill and expertise matched to the market, and just as magazines don’t sell properties, what we do is provide a very powerful marketing tool for your listing. You may also be interested to know that this property received over 28 emails from this website during the campaign, many from overseas.

Featured listings work! – every week more and more agents are choosing them over traditional newspaper ads and reaping the rewards. Normally priced at $795 for 14 days – we have a special promotion until the end of the year – just $295 or for $395 with a free “Website Telly” video presentation. Give us a call on 0800 732 536 to check out the availability in your suburb!

Check out the quality of these Website Telly videos by viewing the video on this listing – the professional voice over and music enhance the existing photos to really sell this property – this video has been viewed over 900 times so far – how would you like a 30 second TV-like commercial for one of your property listing??

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Unbeatable Spring offer

This has got to be the best offer we have ever brought to this market. now you know I am not one to exaggerate so trust me – this offer cannot be beaten!

Add one of our popular featured listings together with  professionally made and voice over crafted video and send your listing into hyperspace! – Just $395 (inc GST) – this cannot be beaten.

Let the sales leaflet do the selling – print it off discuss it with your vendor and get in quick, spaces are limited so book ahead, this offer is valid until Christmas.

Remember when some website say featured listing check is truly featured or just highlighted!!! -our tend to deliver 10 times the traffic and the statistics tell you how it is helping other agents in this industry so don’t miss out – book now!

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Connect SF08 – The emergence of video

Wellcomemat videoThis break out session from a group titled Savy Agent Technology proved enormously popular with people packed tightly into the small room. The panellists comprised video service companies and hosted video companies, as well respected industry practitioners:

Fred Light a video producer – Nashua Video Tours

Mike Malkasian – President of

Morgan Brown – Director of Marketing of TurnHere

Phil Thoams Di Guilio – Co-Founder of

The opening question brought out the value of video which unanimously was to the ability for it to be seen as a point of difference for an agent; whereby agents (who largely fund all marketing in the US) consistently win listing pitches by offering a video service as part of their marketing proposition. The other unanimous agreement was the fact that video is a complement a comprehensive portfolio of photographs, it could never replace photographs. In the process of buyer engagement with a property listing there was a linear path of reviewing listing facts, followed by scanning the photos before then watching the video, where the video watching was more likely to be done by serious rather than casual prospective buyers, who were also far more likely to watch the video multiple times.

With the advent of full motion video on the web there was a clear message that 360 degree virtual tours are finally dead! – they had been used for many years to provide a surrogate for video but now the buyers could guided through a house and neighbourhood in a continuous tour, there offering has lost the final vestiges of value.

A valuable insight was that video provided a greater sense of transparency whereby photos could avoid or hide aspects of the house whereas video (in a long duration format) exposed the whole house and thereby gave a more comprehensive and compelling picture of the property.

As to the costs and applicability most spoke of basic video productions from US$150 to US$400 with more comprehensive presentations from US$400 to over US$1,000. There was no real limit as to which properties best suited video although logically the higher end better justified the costs and reflected the larger more comprehensive presentation of a larger house. The duration of videos seemed to be between 90 seconds and 3 minutes.

A recommendation was made as to the value of capturing not just the property but also the neighbourhood which provides rich context to the presentations so people could see the street and the local schools and community, this incremental material could be stock images which could be part of the “sell” of the real estate company as part of the video. It also provides an opportunity much as with blogs for an agent to demonstrate their local knowledge and expertise.

Turning to the operational issue of making the video, it was felt of value to have a commentary to “guide” people through the house, as to whether this should be done by the agent as part of the sound track or by a voice over by a professional voice was to a certain extent a matter of choice – the important thing was to make a piece of marketing material that added value to the listing. A good piece of advice was not to repeat listing facts in the video like the number of bedrooms and section size – and never detail the price as naturally this may well change in the process of the listing life.

Moving from a voice over to a personal guide in the video, again it is a matter of personal choice as to whether agents should be in front of the camera – it could provide good brand exposure, but if you are nervous or not keen then it is better for the property to be the “hero” of the video. Some examples had been done very effectively where the current owners of the video contributed content to the video on the basis that they more than anyone best knew the best way to sell the property.

To the question of DIY or getting a professional in, naturally money played a part. The Flip camera at just around US$100 provides the simplest way to capture video and then download it quick and easily and therefore DIY could be enormously effective, equally there were many other video cameras which could produce excellent quality (especially as the web format does not require high definition). Common desktop software such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie for MAC’s provides the ability to do the complete DIY job from start to finish. In terms of hardware format, the only thing to steer clear of was cameras that record straight to DVD – these do not allow editing of content and therefore the shot would have to be taken in one take.

A sound piece of advice was for the agent to use their own camera to produce a “briefing” video for a video company where they video the parts of the house with comments and provide that for the cameraman to better and more efficiently produce the final video.

From production to hosting of videos. One key benefit of video is that on the web videos attract strong Google rankings and as the medium is still fairly new for real estate it was not unusual for well tagged video to appear in the top 5 results on very generic real estate terms – one that could not even attract such ranking from blogs for example. Getting video onto multiple sites now was becoming an issue as many video social media sites were instigating bans on real estate videos. The belief and fact is that these videos add nothing to these sites in terms of richness of “sticky” content as the appeal of such videos is so narrow and has no viral appeal.

A key point to remember is that once you upload videos to the web on sites like YouTube you are allowing such videos to be copied and linked and shared around the web – it is the nature of the web, so be aware in terms of what you want to show. Equally there is becoming a consideration as to whether YouTube with its “general” content is really the place for video of quality homes when there are a number of free hosting sites specifically providing services for real estate.

Overall there is no doubt that video is only going to grow in importance as a key part of marketing real estate, as to whether it will replace open homes, that is a good question, it certainly has the ability for the agent to be more efficient and effective at marketing and for the buyers to be better informed from the comfort of their armchair.

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Video – now live on the site

Broadband has now overtaken dialup as the most popular access for the internet across the country, and with the budget announcement of yet further investment in broadband, it all reinforces the role of the web in everyday business generally and real estate specifically.

Given this background we now feel it is the right time to actively promote video as a new rich media on the website. Further research just released showed that NZ’ers are spending up to 22 hours a week on the web – with a high skew to video watching, so we want to give them a great experience with video on the website.

We have been testing video on the site over the past few months – adding videos to individual listings as agents have contacted us requesting this service. Have a look at a couple of these listings with video presentation on the site today. You will see on the listing the link to the video next to the thumbnail images of the property:

This property in Dunedin has a YouTube video presentation

This property in Auckland CBD has a PureView video presentation

This property in Orewa has a ViewitNow video presentation

This property in St Heliers has a Website Telly video presentation video

Each of these presents a different solution to video on the web as well as a different level of production and therefore cost. A professionally produced full video can cost upwards of $750 to $1,500, whilst at the other end of the spectrum video presentation of quality photos start at just $250. As ever it is your choice as to the budget and form of presentation you want to create for your client’s property.

So now we are ready to go live and offer this to all in the industry. If you have a video of a listing that you would like added onto the site, then please follow these simple instructions.

  1. Firstly please do not send us the video – we will not be hosting videos on the site.
  2. Identify the web address where the video can be found on the web (URL) for example this video on listing #BOU114 has the web address of
  3. Sent it to
  4. To configure the website to show videos within the listing page we need to set up the technical layout of the site, it is for this reason that we cannot on day one accept all videos. To be acceptable the video must be hosted on one of the following video production / hosting companies:

If the video you have had produced is not produced by one of these companies or hosted on one of these sites then let us know and we will set up the technology to allow your video to be displayed. As a point of note uploading a video to the largest video website of YouTube costs nothing and is the fastest way to get the video on the site and also allow it to be seen by anyone on the web.

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Exclusive offer – A video of your client’s property for just $250

Providing the ability to add a video to a listing on the website is all well and good – if you have a video in the first place!

So we wanted to find a simple and cost effective way to encourage you to adopt and embrace this rich new media. But instead of telling you to go and find a video production company we wanted to bring one to you – so you could turn round to your clients today and offer them the excitement and impact of a video on their listing.

So we have been found a technology partner who we can work with and who can offer you a high quality video for an amazing price – we have found a NZ company who have developed a great piece of technology which can create professional looking videos without having to visit the property.

Website Telly professionally captures the photo portfolio of a property and with professional voice over and background music creates a powerful 30 second commercial for your client’s property.

Have a look at this example of a video created for a property featured on the website.

So now you have seen the quality – here’s how you can get this amazing service at just $250 (inc GST) per video. Download this fact sheet to find out how easy it is – then email us your order at and we will have a video up on your listing within 3 business days.

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