Record start to 2010 – web traffic to real estate sites keeps growing

As forecasted in the December newsletter the new year kicked off where 2009 finished, with yet further increases in the level of traffic to real estate websites.

Nielsen Top Websites Real Estate Category January 2010

Across those sites tracked by Nielsen Online, total traffic grew by over 20% (vs. 2009), with over 126,000 daily unique browsers checking out listings on NZ real estate websites, adding up to a monthly total of 1.68 million.

For a total of 437,517 unique browsers visited the site in the month – a new record level of traffic viewing the most comprehensive content on the web.

This total traffic comprises both NZ’ers viewing listings to be better informed of the property market as well as an international audience from around the world eager to see what NZ property options they may have.

In terms of this international audience – delivers more viewers to real estate agent’s listings than any other website (including trade me property). The chart below details the monthly traffic of the 3 main property websites –, trade me property and open2view.

International traffic

Whilst the level of international interest is vital to ensure broad international exposure – over 140,000 unique visitors every month with Australia, the UK and the USA amounting to over 100,000 of that total, the fact is NZ viewers are more likely to be the buyer of that home. The chart below presents the tracking of weekly visits to over the past 3 years – the lift in weekly traffic every year – week on week is very telling to the growing appreciation of the value of the website.

Domestic weekly traffic

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Online searches sets new records and far outpaces print media

It certainly feels like every month there is another record broken for the number of internet searches for property – that is just the reality of the choice the consumer is actively making in assessing what is the most useful form of media to choose for property search.

In the month of October as reported by Nielsen online there were over 1.6 million unique visits to NZ real estate websites. This represented a year on year growth of 24% – that is an additional 300,000 unique visits this year as compared to last year.

By way of comparison the print media for real estate have not faired so well. The Property Press readership figures just published by both Nielsen and Roy Morgan show that weekly readership fell by 11% over the past year in the case of the Nielsen survey and by 13% in the case of the Roy Morgan survey.Along with this massive swing to online, the two websites of and Trade me property both surpassed key milestones.

For it was just the second month of 400,000+ unique browsers (up 54% on a year ago) and for Trade me property 1 million+ unique browsers in the month (up 40% on a year ago).The data for all the websites tracked by Nielsen is presented in this document.

To assit you in sharing these key pieces of information with your clients and prospective clients we have produced a new set of key fact sheets to highlight these trends. Click here to download these pages.

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What does online visitor duplication mean?

I was asked the question the other day by a real estate office – “so what is all this stuff about duplication of visitors across real estate websites?”

The question was prompted by a fact sheet distributed to the office showing that in the month of July the website of had 166,280 property seekers who visited their site and did not visit, together with 58,913 who visited both sites. The particular document with this information is available to review here.

The figures represented in this document are correct – however seen in isolation they can be misleading. It is best to see the same result for and then you begin to see the true picture. The diagram below highlights this.

In July based purely on domestic web traffic had 135,511 unique browser visits and had 69,751unique browser visits- there was a group of 46,166 browsers who visited both sites. Equally the figures when you include international visitors are respectively 233,565 for; 166,280 for and 58,913 visiting both.

The key fact that as a real estate professional you need to know is how many active buyers there are – now in NZ there are only ever around 35,000 active buyers in the market at anyone time and the reality is these buyers visit many websites and may well end up looking at both of these sites; that is why the number of duplicates at 46,166 is larger than this core group of 35,000.

The other key fact is that at anyone time there are thousands of people looking at websites for which they have no real interest – real estate is no exception. That is why there will always be a small relative overlap. The fact is that to say that you need one website because they can deliver property seekers that another one does not deliver, is not completely true as this group outside of the duplicate group more-than-likely are not actually property seekers, but just casual web browsers.

Finally another way of presenting these statistics is shown below. In the month of July of the 181,677 visitors to from within NZ – just 25% also went to, whereas of the 115,917 total NZ visitors to – 40% had already checked out

I think that better explains overlap of audience.

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