Continuation of roadshows for 2009

As part of the principle of the website in the support and protection of the industry in the context of online marketing we are off again with another series of roadshows around the country. We start off in the week of the 16th March in New Plymouth and Palmerston North.

These free seminars are open to anyone in the industry and provide valuable information, advice and understanding in all aspects of real estate marketing today with a focus to the role of the web. The content is relevant for business owners, sales agents and office admin and we welcome all of you to attend for what is well regarded as a very intensive and rewarding 90 minute presentation.

We collectively face many challenges in the coming year primarily around the fact that access to property information is becoming ever easier through the power of Google to “organise the world’s information” and yet we genuinely face the predicament of information overload – we want you to be more effective and not to be overloaded. We believe we can help you better understand the mind of the buyers and be better able to manage their enquiries.

As ever we provide in these presentations insightful research on what consumers want from real estate agents – and what they do not want!

• We will help you to make your listings stand out from the crowd to grab the attention of buyers

• We will explain how your next prospective client is researching you right now!

• We will share our thoughts and advice on managing email enquiries from the web

For full details on these 2 seminars and all future ones please check out this website “On the Road“. Also if your office would like to get together a group of 20 or more agents from one or more offices in your group there is an open invitation for a personalised presentation – just send me an email.

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Step up and build your skills

The recent presentations that we made around the country focused on the need to build your skills in real estate marketing and online marketing. As was identified by Stefan Swanepoel earlier this year, there is an emerging new breed of real estate agents – skilled in managing information and negotiation, as this quote from Stefan’s book so rightly puts it

“Agents are no longer order takers and are looking to acquire skills to build their business” – Bill Shue, President, RealtyU

To assist this future trend I wanted to highlight the training services that the REINZ is providing for all professionals in this industry. They have a special offer on at the moment for on-the-job training at amazing prices (50% off the regular price) for a short time. Have a read of the details on the REINZ website.

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