provides specialised websites for each category of industry


Yesterday we began the roll out of a range of new websites specifically targeted to provide key sectors of the real estate industry with specialised website for each category. These comprise Farms, Commercial, Business sites and will in the coming weeks include a whole new – just focused on residential property for sale or rent.

Prime Commercial is a new site designed to showcase the vast array of listings that make up commercial real estate, whether it be property for lease or to buy. Currently there are 25,368 commercial properties on the website. This makes the site the most comprehensive online source of commercial properties being marketed at this time.

The chart below compares the content of Prime Commercial as against other commercial property websites or websites that feature commercial property.

Prime Commercial - comprehensive listings of commercial property from

Prime Business is a new site designed to showcase the portfolio of the specialist business brokers in NZ. Whilst the smallest category of real estate it is worthy of a dedicated website to provide brokers and clients with a specialised website to find business opportunities from amongst the 3,793 currently on the market being actively marketed by licensed business brokers.

The chart below compares the content of Prime Business as against other specialist websites featuring businesses for sale and some websites which feature businesses for sale.

Prime Business serving the needs of business brokers brought to you by

nzFarms is a new site designed for the rural sector of the real estate industry. This new specialist website provides the most comprehensive selection of farms and agricultural land to be found in one place. In addition to the 7,941 farms and agricultural businesses to be found on the website from across the country, the site also showcases a selection of 11,786 lifestyle properties.

The chart below compares the content of nzFarms  as against other specialist rural websites featuring farms and agricultural businesses for sale and some websites which feature farms for sale. These statistics of listing comparisons do not include lifestyle properties.


For each website we have produced a flyer which you can download and use as a reference document for presentation of these sites to clients. Just click on the image below to download the pdf flyer for you to print and distribute.

Prime Commercial flyerPrime Business flyernzFarms flyer

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Commercial property for sale or lease on the web

I am conscious that we focus very heavily in this email and other general discussions on residential property – I am acutely aware that we are here with a website to support the whole real estate industry.

I wanted to share some key information with you in regard to the commercial property side of the site. In terms of content the high representation of content from the industry is reflected well in this category with the majority of major commercial agencies using the site – this has grown in the past year with some notable new subscribers. As a result and also as a function of the market the content of commercial listings on the website has rocketed up from just over 8,000 18 months ago to now stand at 15,000 – the most comprehensive stock of listings on any real estate website for commercial property in NZ.

Not only does our site offer rich content it draws a large audience of close to 13,000 unique browsers per month. Look at these statistics comparing the commercial section of with our competitor offers your listings twice the exposure and twice the duration of visitors to these listings.

Ammendment made 15 August

As per the comment from Glen below I have added the following key information to provide complete transparency.

  1. The data reported above in the bar chart of unique browsers and Total time is based on comparable audited data from Nielsen Online
  2. The data relates to domestic NZ traffic only – this is a consistency I use in all market information as the primary appeal for our commercial customers is domestic traffic
  3. The data for Commercial listings comes from Nielsen Online Site Census which is an internal analysis which we subscribe to and is internal data
  4. The data for international traffic of UB in July was as follows:
    • Commercial listings 2,238 adding to the domestic of 13,045 to give a total of 15,283
    • Realcommercial international  3,231adding to the domestic of 7,045 to give a total of 10,276
  5. As has been highlighted in the other comment also includes business listings, so to provide a true like for like comparison the data for traffic to business listings on in July was 4,247 UB in total with of these 876 international visitors. Therefore in total for business and commercial listings delivered 19,530 UB in total in July vs. at 10,276

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