provides specialised websites for each category of industry


Yesterday we began the roll out of a range of new websites specifically targeted to provide key sectors of the real estate industry with specialised website for each category. These comprise Farms, Commercial, Business sites and will in the coming weeks include a whole new – just focused on residential property for sale or rent.

Prime Commercial is a new site designed to showcase the vast array of listings that make up commercial real estate, whether it be property for lease or to buy. Currently there are 25,368 commercial properties on the website. This makes the site the most comprehensive online source of commercial properties being marketed at this time.

The chart below compares the content of Prime Commercial as against other commercial property websites or websites that feature commercial property.

Prime Commercial - comprehensive listings of commercial property from

Prime Business is a new site designed to showcase the portfolio of the specialist business brokers in NZ. Whilst the smallest category of real estate it is worthy of a dedicated website to provide brokers and clients with a specialised website to find business opportunities from amongst the 3,793 currently on the market being actively marketed by licensed business brokers.

The chart below compares the content of Prime Business as against other specialist websites featuring businesses for sale and some websites which feature businesses for sale.

Prime Business serving the needs of business brokers brought to you by

nzFarms is a new site designed for the rural sector of the real estate industry. This new specialist website provides the most comprehensive selection of farms and agricultural land to be found in one place. In addition to the 7,941 farms and agricultural businesses to be found on the website from across the country, the site also showcases a selection of 11,786 lifestyle properties.

The chart below compares the content of nzFarms  as against other specialist rural websites featuring farms and agricultural businesses for sale and some websites which feature farms for sale. These statistics of listing comparisons do not include lifestyle properties.


For each website we have produced a flyer which you can download and use as a reference document for presentation of these sites to clients. Just click on the image below to download the pdf flyer for you to print and distribute.

Prime Commercial flyerPrime Business flyernzFarms flyer

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Web performance of business listings

The great benefit of this blog as with blogs in general is the ability to respond to a question and in so doing share the information with a much wider audience. So it was today when I was asked about the ability of the site to provide a valuable marketing platform for business listings.

As you will see I have posted a piece on the Unconditional blog about the comprehensive content of business listings on the website at this time – close on twice the content of any other NZ business broking website, which is interestingly not one of the “usual suspects”.

When it comes to visitors the business listings section has been consistently growing in audience terms over the past 2 years since we relaunched the whole website back in 2006. This is clearly demonstrated in the graph opposite that shows quarterly average unique browser traffic to the site over the past 2 years – we are receiving on average around 12,000 unique visitors per month. Just a year ago we made further modifications to the site designed to better reflect the specific needs of the differing segments of the overall industry. We consulted widely with the Business Broking community as well as Commercial Agents to ensure their needs were adequately met.

The outcome of this work were the following changes to the Businesses section of the site:

  • Distinct and personalised look and feel to remove references to homes
  • Creation of a “confidential location” allowing listings to feature with no physical location requirement under a confidential location category
  • Reclassification of the categories of listings
  • Re-establishment of the photos for all listing, previously there was a category icon for each listing on the search results

Whilst in absolute terms the traffic to these business listings is relatively small; representing as it does some 5% of all visitors, it is traffic to just 3,500+ listings from the total of 105,000+ that are currently featured on the site which actually means that traffic per listing for business is pro-rata higher than residential!

Another very important point worth highlighting is the value that this section of the site delivers – the subscription to – just $200 per office per month brings all business listings, and residential, rural, commercial and rental. I could not help but draw comparison to the much talked about site of nzbizbuysell – their published listing costs is $98 for a basic single listing and $176 for a featured listing – and that is for 2 months! (it might be interesting for someone to share an indicative costs per month for an office subscribing for unlimited listings – which I presume they do??)

I also notice that there is no differentiation of licensed business broker listings from private advertisers! – as you well know does not feature any private listings.

So to get a clear view of the whole picture:

  • is the most comprehensive source of business listings
  • has designed and adapted the site to meet the needs of the industry
  • recognises the professional integrity of business brokers and only features their listings
  • provides the greatest value for money for a business broking office

In some ways the only issue left unanswered is the comparable level of monthly traffic – NZbizbuysell does not get monitored by Neilsen Online, whereas and do – I have used the services of Alexa to estimate the traffic for nzbizbuysell. The NZ ranking on Alexa for nzbizbuysell is 4,462 (that is to say according to Alexa nzbizbuysell is the 4,462nd most popular website in NZ, by comparison is the 10,474th most popular website in NZ, and the total website is the  96th most popular website in NZ.

Anyway I found by chance that the Century21 website was actually the 4,562nd most popular website in NZ and it has a web traffic of 14,604 unique browsers in August, I have therefore deduced that nzbizbuysell has a traffic of around 15,000 unique browsers – ahead of the business section of as shown in this graph.

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